Hope it’s not the dreaded metatarsal

Neal, my personal trainer, came last night.  I was really worried; I’d noticed a pain in my foot that I was concerned was a metatarsal stress fracture.  I had walked yesterday in the heat of the day – when will this heat wave end?  He said it probably wasn’t as the pain came on only after about 20 minutes into my walk.  Mind you, he also said to ice it (which I forgot to do) and only go to the arthritis water exercise tonight.  I hope everything come out right, as C and I are hoping to go to the Skyline Drive to walk the Limberlost Trail this weekend. 

After he left, and after a delicious shrimp and pasta dinner C made, I tried to use iMovie 08 to post some footage from the drive home from our vacation to Vermont onto YouTube.  Once I’m sure it’s there, I’ll post a link here for your viewing pleasure.  Other pics are available at my other website (if you want the URL, just ask me).   I find iMovie HD much easier to use…but then again, I do need to figure out workflow WRT posting movies on line and to a DVD.  Any advice would be helpful.

Still never got last Saturday’s EastEnders watched.  Sent Chasing Papi back to Netflix.  Eduardo Verástegui  is cute and all but the movie’s not really compelling. 

PS:  Foot still hurting.  😦

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