Bah, Hurtbug

Last night wasn’t too much fun – to help my foot, C suggested that I stay upstairs, away from my desktop in our office and unable to edit the rest of the movie or post it to our website. Still, I got to watch last Saturday’s EastEnders episodes, and later he and I watched an episode of Starsky & Hutch (”Strange Justice” from Season 4 – “A veteran cop goes berserk when his daughter is raped at her sorority house, and it’s up to Starsky and Hutch to stop him from killing her attacker”). By Season 4, the guys had been softened and preachified by all the parents’ groups and TV watch dogs so that there was always a prot0-PC point to be made. This episode was at least a lot less goofy than so many of the later years’ eppies, and our boys avoided going undercover (= wearing costumes and faking accents) the whole time.

Today the poor old foot’s hurting again. 😦 I think I may have to call the doctor. A nasty little thought has entered my brain – what if personal trainer Neal was downplaying the possibility of a stress fracture so I wouldn’t make him look bad to my doc by visiting my doc? Regardless, any words of encouragement would be appreciated, especially for our walk this weekend. I mean – before I started walking there were a lot of fun things I couldn’t do, if now that I am walking there are still a lot of fun things I can’t do, what’s the point??? It seems the world of fitness may be a forbidden zone to me.

Had a nice Korean lunch with Chad from work. He’s a great guy. Cute, too.

Later that same day…I’m going to call the doctor. Off to C’s computer to try to edit the second video…the heck with that…just going to surf random porn..

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