Well, it’s Friday which can mean only one thing – out to dinner with friends. We’ve been meeting and dining together since 1986 or something. With devastating originality we call ourselves the Friday Night Club and start e-mailing about Thursday or so with suggestions as to where to meet and dine. Tonight we’re going to a Mongolian Barbecue nearby. We’ll be C and I, my best friend from highschool K and her husband D, and their son/my Godson J, and CK who used to work with D. KW is at Gaylaxicon (some sort of science fiction convention) so won’t be along. I really look forward to meeting up with my chums; it starts the weekend off nicely.

Before we can go out, C & I have to go over our grocery order from  It’s a grocery delivery service; we started using it when the DC snipers were scaring the wits out of me.  We got used to it and kept it up; if you’re in a major metropolitan area, you may want to check it out yourself.  We use it for most things and My Organic Market for others.

Having your groceries delivered is lazy, I know.  If you’re not lazy, you can work out and get a body like Michael Lewis’s.  (Maybe.)  He’s an Israeli model.

Michael Lewis


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3 responses to “Friday!!!

  1. compulsivewriter

    hahaha! love the last bit…

  2. Thank you compulsive writer – I appreciate all comments. I hope you stick around.

  3. Rafa

    Me encantaria comerle la polla y chuparle el culo y que se pea en mi boca umm que rico michael

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