Weak End of the Week End

Well, I had a really good weekend.

Saturday, we went to Skyline Drive and the Limberlost Trail, and it was marvellous. I don’t think I have the dreaded metatarsal at all after all, but a strained muscle from the dreadful shoes I’ve been wearing. I think I’ll have to get better shoes and less velcro ones. 😦 But the day really was perfect, not too hot or cold, the sun was shining and the trail was gentle. We saw chipmunks and little squirrels, milkweed and lichen covered rocks, a pretty small stream (major drought around here) and leaves just turning with the crisp autumn air. I’m including a few.

Me on the trail at a bench.

Me, halfway up a hill

Autumn leaves in the sun.

Autumn’s Changes

A view from a look out point along the drive.


We came back through Warrenton, Virginia and stopped there for a coffee. C made his delicious sausage and beans for dinner. I am so glad I was able to do the walk. Sure, I had to stop on the ascents but I figure that’s what the benches are for, right? We took a lot of pics and video footage; on our other website they’ll be available soon.

Sunday I slept in until past noon, and after breakfast (waffles) I got to laze back in bed watching gorgeous Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild. Yummy.

Then we went to my parents’ house for dinner. It’s our last dinner before Mum and Dad go off to Florida for a whole month. I thought of C and his parents so far away. In eight years he’s only seen them for a three week vacation. I often am awestruck at how much he’s given up for me although he doesn’t see it so. We really have to go to his country (Australia) once his green card comes through. I can’t ask somebody to leave kith and kin, hearth and home for me without feeling a bit sad.

Actually, I can never figure out what he sees in me, why he is with me. I’m so thoroughly undeserving of the love he gives to me every day. I honestly never imagined my life could be as good as it is with him. I’ll have to post more on my family later for those interested.

One way to work out to get a body like Michael Lewis’s would be to play lots of basketball. Do you like his basket?michael-lewis-basketball.jpg


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2 responses to “Weak End of the Week End

  1. Karen

    Loved the pic of the leaves. You sound so content. I’m glad you had such a nice weekend. Would you say the trail is wheelchair-friendly?

  2. angloam

    I am very content and I had a lovely weekend. Yes, the trail is wheelchair-friendly, not 100% level but as long as you can handle moderate hills (way less than from your lower to upper parking lot) you should be okay. People were pushing strollers, and little four and five year olds were walking too.

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