I’m Back!

What – you didn’t know I’d gone?

What I mean is that I think I can resume daily walking – and I know it’s the shoes I’d been wearing to work. Yesterday my poor little feet (they do after all have a considerable bulk to support) were fine, and the doctor said there was no reason to order x-rays. But by the time I got home, the left one was hurting again. I switched to the good shoes (New Balance Country Walkers) and although there was pain, it was nothing like before. I only got a short walk in before Neal showed up and we started our strength training, which I love. I sometimes wonder why he doesn’t give me more weight to try though. Radical thought: Why don’t I try doing some of the things without his tutelage? Dare I?

Anyway, to try is my plan. Also to go to the pool tonight; I’ve not been since it reopened after Labor Day and I need to go back. C also needs me out of the house to connect our whiz-bank new massive TV to our marvelous super duper DVD player (are you allowed to call them that or are they ‘upconverting entertainment theater systems?’ or some such). Apparently just by being there I’m a distraction of sufficient power to stop him from working. I like that – it means when I’m home I can be lazy without guilt or loneliness. šŸ™‚

I also need to watch my ‘input’ (food intake) more. I’ve not done so well lately; complacency breeds lack of discipline. And of course, some things just taste so effing good. Although I’m a lot more fit than I was when I started (for example, the first day I could do a six minute walk; my maximum now is 48 minutes), I really haven’t lost a lot of weight. I think a food blitz is in order as success feeds on (excuse the expression) success, IMHO. What are your thoughts?

My boss is back after a week and a half of leave. I used to think that I was the only person who found him grumpy, scowl prone and unpleasant to deal with. Apparently after talking to two coworkers I am not alone in that opinion. That makes me feel better, at least. But there’s still one smelly fly in the ointment; a coworker has switched to a hairspray that really irritates my nose; it tickles it and itches it and annoys me. So how do I ask her to either switch back or remain 20 feet from me?

Watched Chuck from Monday night. I really like the show; it’s not quite believable and not quite serious but it’s good entertainment, Zachary Levi does a good job as the nerd with a special enhancement. He’s sexy but in a hidden, encoded way. He does ‘vulnerable yet strong’ really well. I think it tries too hard to be funny but then I’m a terrible judge of TV. I remember predicting that Scrubs was going to be a utter flop. I like Chuck but then I liked Lucky too and look at my track record. I predict Chuck’ll be gone in a week or two.

All that working out sure helps Michael Lewis – he’s not only signed up as a professional baskeball player but it enables him to stand long photoshoots like this one. Wouldn’t you like to get your lens on him?

Yes, that’s Hebrew he’s speaking but…honestly…does it really spoil the visual goodness if you don’t understand his tongue?

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