Last night I didn’t do very well; I didn’t go out to walk. No real excuses. And this evening I’m going to go out for dinner with mum and dad but oh, those ribs are calling. We’re going to a new place in Bowie that serves ‘Texas’ food – mainly steaks and barbecue and things. All very hearty and all very delicious and all very big. And weighty.

I’ll try to go walking after. After all, this dinner was my idea, prompted mainly by a recognition that little in life, including sadly the people we love and belong with, is permanent.

Odd thoughts

Sometimes I imagine a large broad roller coaster, the old wooden kind, like the Rebel Yell…the cars are very wide and I and all my friends and family are sitting in one big broad car, and suddenly one of the party falls out and the rest of us have to keep going.

We can’t stop the ride, we can’t pause it for a moment, and that person who fell out will never see what we see…and we can’t see what they are seeing. Not only are they not there, but we hurtle helplessly away, so fast, unable to hang on to a moment with each other, but tied to the ride.

And sometimes the ride is fun, and sometimes it’s not but we can’t stop the ride, not to go back to the fallen, not to enjoy the view, or prolong our time on it.

Maybe the trick is to enjoy the ride with its crashing breathtaking speed…but it’s never all enjoyable. Maybe the trick is to try to have the moments with each other even as the ride speeds us along. We have nothing else, no station, no let’s-get-off-a-bit-and-chat. Lacking the time for a leisurely chat we have to make things count now because there’s little else we know of.

Maybe. What are your thoughts?

Oh dear

That was a bit deep.

I think I have a lot more exercising to do before I can work out as well as Michael Lewis…he seems a little hands-on with the demo girls on this video, don’t you think? But it is good to see a guy and his ball bouncing along…

Here’s a pic of him modeling a rather neat shirt that says “religion” on it. Would you like to get down on your knees?

Michael Lewis Religion

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One response to “Adrift

  1. Karen

    Your thoughts have been running pretty deep lately. Mabye it’s time for some relaxation with friend. Good choice with the salmon. If the food wasn’t good you probably would have been disappointed in the ribs anyway.

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