Now I’m Really Back

What a lovely weekend. Friday evening the “FNC” all met at a kebab house sans one of the group. However, we did manage to have a good time before the restaurant closed and we had to leave.


Quite uncharacteristically early C and I went to do some immigration business in Baltimore and then did a bit of shopping and errand-running. I bought some great new (very expensive) shoes at the New Balance store in the Annapolis Mall. They’re Model 926 and have a roll bar in them to stop my foot from underpronating (rolling to the outside) and hurting. Additionally they should look better at work than the Country Walkers I bought the other day. I’m so embarrassed; because I’m so fat cuddly, it’s hard/impossible for me to tie them up so I have to have C help me. He’s so good tending to me like a tugboat hovering around a giant barge helping me. His patience and understanding is an inspiration.

Some very good friends – my very best friends in fact – invited us to theirchrisevans.jpg house on the Eastern Shore for dinner. They are such good people, I feel sometimes in awe of their ability to cope with some pretty rough hands they’ve been dealt and still, consistently, to be able to be so giving and compassionate. Some time ago, when I was really down, I remember D telling me “we’d feed and clothe you” and I know it was/is true. I hope I’m as good a friend to them as they are to me. After dinner we watched gorgeous Chris Evans in Cellular.


Today was lazy right up to the end. Since we didn’t get back from the Shore until 4 a.m. or so, I didn’t get up until quite late and C & I just sat around all day, even ordering dinner to be delivered. (C did make the most delicious scrambled eggs for brekkies.) But then I finally hauled myself out of the house for the first real walk since so many days ago – I did 32’38” and felt fine. I was listening as always of late to Bok Van Blerk’s album De La Rey and even managing to sing along in Afrikaans with it. The video’s quite impressive:

Now I really do need a shower just like Michael Lewis is taking (I wonder if he needs somebody to soap him up and rinse him down?)…


Like his CK underwear? There’s more in this album.

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