Monday, Monday

Well, here am I at home, because our new TV was delivered today. The ‘window’ was big enough to drive a truck through – just ‘before 4:30 pm.’ God alone knows what the reception will be like at work tomorrow – Mr. Grumpy’s probably harrumphing and moaning. Oh, well. After this post, I will probably knuckle down and figure out how to get a host for to carry this blog and other pages, and the other site that if you know us you know.Then I have to learn how to use GoLive and iWeb better, and edit the video from the Limberlost walk.

And I’ve been moaning about not having time to get any of this done, and here I have a whole day to do it, and it’s 2 p.m. and I’ve done nothing but babble on the South African forum I post on, and watch internet porn. Not very productive. And at work tomorrow I’l be kicking myself for wasting so much time on such worthless activities.

Can I ask a favour? If you’re a motivated person, please tell me your secret.

And I should get my hair cut but that’s no fun, is it? I actually hate getting my hair cut, not because I like long hair (I don’t) but because I don’t like having a stranger that close to me.

It must be the same for Michael Lewis. Sometimes his hair is quite long…on a wall, in the cool blue deep…and sometimes, it’s quite short . How would you like him cut? (If you click his pic, he enlarges…himself at least.)



I’m all kinds of sad/jealous/wistful because I was listening to BBC Radio 4 and they were talking about how new inheritance rules affect married couples and “of course, this also affects people in civil partnerships as well.” I’m so jealous I guess because C and I can’t get married like that here, not yet anyway.

I worry about making sure he’s provided for should I pass on first. For no particularly good reason, he will have fewer assets, less of my benefits, than he would if we were married. I always get so frustrated when anti-marriage-equality people talk about their objections; while their objections are all theoretical and intangible (as well as being inaccurate, irrational, and very self-serving), the results of C & I (and thousands of other families) not being married are very real and very tangible and very accurate.

I’ve often told C somewhat melodramatically that I’d give him the shirt off my back, but I can’t give him my pension? So that a straight couple can pretend that keeping me unequal cements their marriage? Are straight marriages so fragile? (Perhaps, half of the participants in this ‘timeless’ ‘sanctified’ ‘traditional’ relationship wind up giving up on it. How that saves marriage and defends the traditional family I wish I knew.)

I realize I’m probably preaching to the choir if you’re the type to read my blog but still. I sometimes have to vent. I am always surprised at how angry this issue makes me. When I think much about it, I want to shake people and break things. Religious bigots’ things, mostly.

Oh, well, we have a new governor now in Maryland, so things may soon be looking up.


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