Something to Watch for Your Monday

I found a few Michael Lewis videos to brighten your Monday afternoon:

1) Here’s our lad, apparently as part of one episode he acted in on an Israeli television series called Rosh Gadolwhich means “big head.” IMDB tags it as comedy/drama/romance so I’m figuring it’s some sort of school-based series. Mr. Lewis apparently graced episode 1 of series 3. He seems to sing nicely too. If anyone knows anything about how he did on his big head, please don’t shaft me by keeping it a secret…

(He even sings, and talks of being an outsider. I’d welcome him in, wouldn’t you?)

2) Here’s another, all too short one, which apparently is “produced by Zivlin advertisement for teens and by Altneuland productions and dreams.” Not sure what they’re pushing but if it’s dreams for MikeDreamy, I’ll buy in…

3) He is looking foxy for Fox Men, some sort of clothing line…shirtless, bless his little cotton socks…does he move you like he does me?

4) Here’s one where Mr. Lewis and model Ross (also Israeli) celebrate the beauties of Israel…I thought surely Mr. Lewis was one of those beauties:

5) Finally here’s an older one from Fox. Now really, would you honestly, could you really let him sleep alone in a little narrow single bed when you were just across the room with a little narrow single bed of your own to share? Especially after all that drama just to get him into your bedroom in the first place?

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