Saghamo Mshvidobisa!

That’s Georgian for ‘Good evening.’ Sadly I’ve let all the hard work I put in learning the Georgian alphabet fall a bit. I need to set aside the time to study. The last thing I did was to look at the first conjugation present verb paradigm. That is – the very first ‘real’ chapter of the book I got for myself. So there’s something else I want to do. Again; if you’re a motivated person, getakvat (please) tell me. Gmadlobt! After all – who wouldn’t want to know a language with lovely words like gvprtskvni? (Gvprtskvni means “you peel us.” Not what a person might say often, but there you are.)

Peel these

If you wantlior.jpg to listen to this consonant-rich tongue I recommend the movie “Late Marriage” starring the delectable Lior Askhenazi, pictured here. Mr. Askhenazi was also in “Walk on Water” which was directed by Eytan Fox, who also directed “Yossi and Jagger” starring the equally delectable Yehuda Levi, also pictured here in a scene from the yossijagger.jpgmovie with Ohad Knoller who played his boyfriend. (Do I have a thing for cute Israelis or what?)

In my defense, all three of these movies are regarded as at least very good by most critics and I highly recommend you check them out. I think that “Walk on Water” is possibly the weakest, and “Late Marriage” the strongest.

All aches and pains

Neal the personal trainer came this evening. I’d walked a little – only 15 minutes but boy he put me through my paces in strength training (well, the little he has me do). Has anyone else noticed that halfway through the reps the little weight pixies come along and add happy little extras to the dumbbells or barbells.

I’ve got to start wearing the better shoes for walking even if it wears them out fast, which kinda upsets me as they’re so expensive. 😦 He also wants me to walk 200 minutes a week total and cut down to only one soda a day (eventually only one every other day). That’s a tall order, but I think I can manage. I do love Diet Dr Pepper though. I have to learn to dislike Chipotle’s!

I wish I could have lovely spaghetti dinners like I had at K & D’s house more often. They kept saying that it was nothing fancy but it was the best darn dinner I’ve had there in so long. They are so warm and healing. I wish everyone could have friends like them. I wish you had friends like them. The world’d be a better place.

All coming together and moving along

Soon I’ll be able to put this on my new web host under my very own domain ( – set your bookmarks now or soon!) and even possibly host WordPress so I can make it more spiffy. I have to design the site, though, and figure out a bunch of stuff. I’m also working to get the other site that C & I share working with it’s own domain name, which you can get by e-mailing me. That site may be password-protected, though, so I’d better know who you are.

Nope, I didn’t forget

Just two pictures today, two views of Mr. Lewis. Wouldn’t you like to play with his ball? I have to say, though, I do think it’s nearly time to start obsessing on some new beauty, don’t you?


(But I’m sure going to miss him when the time comes!)


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2 responses to “Saghamo Mshvidobisa!

  1. They are all from my country 🙂

    Really great actors.

  2. angloam

    Thank you, Daniel

    I’m very impressed with Lior Ashkenazi and in fact every Israeli film I’ve ever seen. I really liked “Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi’ as well.

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