Getting closer!

Three cheers for me – I’m getting a little closer to migrating the blog to my “real” site – There’s actually a (rather ugly) placeholder there now, which directs you here; please visit it if only to update your bookmarks. I swear I’ll learn to make nice beautiful pages soon!

This is why they call it work

Other than that today was pretty grim at work – for some reason I couldn’t mold myself into a cooperative mind-set and sat grumpily about. We’re going mad arranging a conference for next month, and Mr. Grouch keeps piling on things he wants (and walking away after). His latest brain child is to get ‘give-aways’ (somehow paid for with taxpayers’ money) for the participants who have to be there anyway. This after checking and finding out that if the government buys refreshments for the attendees, those of us local may not have a bite or a drop of them. But we can pass them out, with whatever junk we can get. Of course this just complicates things. 340371522_36fa6e2946_o.jpg

340371522_36fa6e2946_o.jpgIn mitten drin, as it were, I’m also arranging a side-show and as if that weren’t enough I’m also in charge of our Combined Federal Campaign (for 120 people) charity drive. I’m such a giver. 🙂 I wish I could lie back and relax like Mr. Lewis here…do you think his muscles are nice and loose or is he a tight one? How would you test your hypothesis?

Nerd meat

I should explain. A new show on television has really grabbed my attention. It’s Chuck on NBC on Monday nights at eight o’clock. (Check your local listings.) The idea is that by accident our hero Chuck is privvy to all of the intelligence secrets of all of our security and intelligence agencies, while being quite a normal guy in charge of the “Nerd Herd” which repairs computers at his local big-box computer store.

Obviously he has adventures with his two handlers, one from the CIA and one from NSA. The show explores the intersection of this secret, exicting and dangerous life with the boring normal existence he actually loves. Naturally there’s a love complication with his love interest and I’d call it comedy-action, more than action, but I really like it.

Now, all the ‘buzz’ is about Zachary Levi who’s nice enough looking but give me big ab.jpgtough guy Adam Baldwin who plays Chuck’s NSA handler. If you enlarge the picture you’ll notice a hint of chest hair. Lucky Chuckie to be handled by him!

That takes care of the nerd part – the meat comes from the delicious steak dinner C made for me. 🙂 Chuckie may be lucky but I know I’m the most fortunate guy in the world to have my wonderful man.

At least the drought might be breaking

It was too rainy for me to walk tonight so no stretching shirtless or enjoying the beautiful sun like they have in Israel, like Michael Lewis enjoys so much…

My favourite ML picture353155447_2a2fd6bc64_o1.jpg

A new man

As we wave goodbye to Mr. Lewis, we must get ready for our new man starting tomorrow. Here’s a sneak preview……any names?


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