Just a Quickie

Well, just a quickie. Work was both gloomy and good. Gloomy – the big boss has said that he doesn’t want a charity kick-off event after all – gloomy because I was looking forward with nervous anticipation to running it. Good because I don’t have to do any public speaking. Gloomy because I have to track down half the contact persons in the various offices and and see why they’re not coming to my training session. Good because I got to chat to some nice people as they came by my desk to get trained individually. Gloomy because I won’t see that nice Chad H. at the cancelled kick-off. Good because I may have lunch with him tomorrow.

Still haven’t found made time to work on Georgian.

Only walked a little tonight – not only was it raining but my knee was hurting. Here’s to doing more tomorrow.

One Stinker and a Goodie

51jva24n5sl_aa240_.jpgWatched two movies that arrived from Netflix. The stinker was “A Whole New Thing.” Lots of people loved it – I found it creepy and hard to believe. The good one was “The Journey of Jared Price.” For a very low budget film with unknowns (except maybe Steve Tyler (not the Aerosmith guy) who’s done a lot) it was really absorbing. The dialog given to some characters was … unbelievably wooden and so was one of the actresses, who kept…pausing. In the wrong. Moments. But Tyler was really skilled at picking out tiny little nuances, and Corey Spears (the lead) was so vulnerable and polite – when I saw his interview where he came across as rude and testy I realized he was acting polite, and doing a good job. If you can get it, rent it.

Let’s Go Greek!

Our new male obsession is Greek singer and gymnast Sakis Rouvas. He represented Greece in Eurovision in 2004 with “Shake It!” It’s bouncy Europop but the man knows how to move in speedos….

Here’s the first of many pictures…his website invites you to “Enter Sakis Rouvas.” (Mouse him to make him bigger.) I’d be up for it, wouldn’t you?

Sakis Rouvas

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