I Bust My Ball!


Neal my personal trainer came by and had me bouncing on my exercise ball between sets of reps…and in the middle of me bouncing up and down (which is actually more effort than you’d think) the damned ‘anti burst’ thing popped and dumped me ignominiously on my butt on the ground. I wasn’t hurt beyond a scrape on my arm, but my dignity was a bit injured. C came running down stairs full of concern and the worry and fear in his voice made me forget my pain in a rush of love for him. Whenever we act together, we do wonders.

I’d only done a bit of walking but Neal wants me to do more today. If only I could control my eating, I’d melt.

Edit:  I wound up not walking any more today.  MDB, no? 

Plate me up at Plato’s

Like last night, the ‘Friday Night Club’ met at Plato’s Diner in College Park. Of course I had to have Kotopita (chicken in a greasy yummy pastry holder) and some monstrosity called “Southern Pecan Pie Cheesecake.” C and I “shared” it but it was too cloyingly sweet for him, so I ate the lion’s share.

However, the meal was secondary to the company. My little (over five foot five!) godson J was there with K and D, his mum and dad. I think J’s about the coolest kid I ever met. But I was utterly floored when he said he thought of me like a brother. I was so honoured and flattered and pleased and proud and glad to be his goddad. It made my evening. I never think I’m all that good, relaxed, or relevant around kids. But J will often say the kindest, warmest things about me or his mum or other people – so that you can tell that he’s a good person being brought up by good people.

Leopard…with Spots

Our shipment of Leopard, Apple’s new OS, has been sent out from Amazon. I can’t wait to get my hands on it but apparently it’s far from perfect. C (a.k.a. my IT manager) says a lot of our software will have to be upgraded. 😦 We seem to be spending money quite quickly of late, and yet I get a cold fear if we decide to cut back – it’s hard for me to see any fine gradiation between ‘cut back’ and ‘starve in box on highway.’ And of course C says everything’s fine – we needn’t worry. But I always worry.

Anyway, here’s a review of Leopard from somebody who could not be from anywhere but Nyu Zilend. Now that I’ve gotten my fears of updating off my chest, I have to say I really want to start using it.

Is it Hard and Wet Work?

It may be hard work for our Mr. Rouvas to do a video shoot, but he seems to be having fun here, doesn’t he?

Actually he seems to really enjoy being wet. Would you help towel him off, or jump in with him??

Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He’s Wet!Sakis Rouvas Get Happy When He Showers


(There’s those Speedos again–and those beautiful sights of Greece!)

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