Sunday Funday

Or it should be. Was yours? Mine had its ups and downs. We got about…half the errands run we wanted to but we did at least manage to get to Ikea and find a sofa table for our den. And (three cheers) I was able to walk all over with C and not need to sit down. I mean, I did check out a few chairs, but not for very long, and I can tell you that’s a big difference from say a year ago.

In fact, thinking about it, I’d say what made me mentally ready to hire Neal and make changes was not my doctor’s recommendation, but when I started using the little motorized shopping chairs when C and I went to big stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. And the fact that I found myself really preferring to whiz around on them. Now, I won’t argue that they can’t be fun, especially when they’re set to go fast 🙂 but that scared me.

Anyway, at Ikea as usual, I tend to fall in love not with the furniture but with the idea it represents, the idea of being put together and organized and all perfect. I honestly think they sell the fantasy of organization, of relaxation, of quiet domestic beauty. A dream of an accessible sophistication to life – but more to the point, of an accessible order to life. It’s just good for their bottom line that they’ve managed to position ‘organization’ as a product not of rational thought or careful actions, but of products themselves.

The solution to having too many things in too many places is, they try to show, not in paring down, but in having more things, helpful things, stacking, nesting, snicking together things. Things that promise liberation from multidirectional fractured quotidean existence by freeing up space and hiding clutter.

I’m glad so much of their furniture is open; too many closed doors, too much übersimplicity and they’d really be selling a vision of the alleged peace of sterile, silent death. Luckily for their owner(s) they know how to keep emptiness warm, simplicity from being antiseptic.

Oh, and the new Bestå line will make a great wall unit for the living room, especially with some add-on doors and drawers. 🙂 I’m not definitely not immune to the appeal. C’s on their site now making up a possible design. I love how he doesn’t get overwhelmed by these things.

And we were good little Ikeans and stopped for a lovely coffee and slice of cake in the ‘bistro.’

Gnum Gnum Gnocchi

The house is still redolent with the aroma of the lovely gnocchi con sugo C made. I love gnocchi and his meat sauce is so delicious. I really should pull my own weight more with cooking. Naughty AngloAm! But if you ate C’s cooking you’d be as naughty.

Also I’m naughty because I’ve not yet finished editing the videos from our trip to the Limberlost to get them ready to post on our other web site. I may even make a snippet for here; would you like that?

Sunday – Curl Up With the Latest Mag

Our current bare-chested obsession, multi-talented Sakis Rouvas, has been on the cover of many magazines in his native Greece. Courtesy of this photo album, here’s a one from Men’s Health, proving that it is indeed soft core porn for closeted jocks:

Sakis Rouvas on Men’s Health

And here he is on the popular culture magazine Nitro (whose web site seems to be problematic). Wouldn’t you like to go boom with him?

Sakis Rouvas on Nitro

(Thank goodness the tatoos are fakes.)


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5 responses to “Sunday Funday

  1. τομ

    kala prepei o sakhs na exei psolara

  2. sakisi çok sevi yorum ona sex yapmak istiyorum ı love sakis sikiş

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