Not so Blue a Monday

I walked for (just) over 40 minutes this evening; that’s the longest I’ve done without Neal. And come to think of it, it’s longer than all but one with him. I am quite proud of myself. I think it’s key not to follow my iPod stopwatch so I don’t get hung up about how much I’ve done. What are your thoughts?

On the theme of fitness, the company that sold me the defective fitness ball has agreed to refund my money. Now I have to find out if they will require me to send back the defective one. I don’t feel I should be troubled.

Still Some Spots on Leopard

As reported on various posts on MacSurfer (see the blog roll) there are still a lot of problems with Mac OS 10.5 “Leopard.” And with various software packages’ compatibility. Including, sadly, a lot of our Adobe stuff. So we’ll probably have to bite the bullet and upgrade, over time. I plan to list all the apps I really like and check them one by one to see if they’re compatible or have to be upgraded.

The Eyes’ll Have It

I got some reassurance today; my friend D’s eyes are recovering abnormally, in a normally abnormal way. In other words, apparently sometimes cataract surgery has this outcome, but apart from continued pain and inconvenience, there’s nothing to get frantic about. When he spoke to me on the phone he did sound a lot more cheerful.

He’s Got the Music in Him

Sakis Rouvas on StageOkay so sometimes artists don’t dance around quite as much in their live shows as they do in choreographed videos. But as you can see in this picture, and this video of Sakis Rouvas singing what is really a very catchy tuno, “Ola Kalá” (“Everything’s Fine”), some artists just can’t keep from swinging their hips and shaking their torsos for our viewing delight. What else in the picture is he swinging for our delight? Click to take a closer look…though perhaps not close enough!

Sakis Rouvas relaxes on a bedNow, I’m off to try to learn more about how to use GoLive to pretty up the rather ugly front end on (to which I’m sure you’ve set a bookmark!). Meanwhile, what you should do is lie back and wait for tomorrow and more post goodness. Let’s let Sakis show us the way to recline in anticipation…to get a closer view, just tickle him with your mouse clicker.

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