One More

Bit worried this morning.  My very good friend D is having problems with his cataract surgery’s outcome.  It’s just one more medical problem for him; he’s not had a good few years on that front.  Not had a good few years = in this case been royally screwed over and left in chronic pain.  I am really really hoping this will be naught but a temporary setback.  I just spoke to D and he’s bearing up but he did confess that he didn’t hear the “oh, it’s normal” he was hoping for.  😦  So he’s going to his eye doctor this morning. 

Why does ‘the system/God/life’ expect that strength will keep welling up like an unending stream?  I know “life’s not fair” but that’s so flippant a response (or helpless) to the blows that some people seem to have to take, blows that would leave me reeling.  But the expectation is that they will continue to get up and function in their skin and skulls that are screaming out for something better or at least less harsh.  Grace under pressure is a miracle.

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