What a Big Sausage!

(To all those who are stopping by just for Blake Harper and Colton Ford, please stick around for the rest of the blog…)

What a big sausage I made for dinner tonight, a turkey kielbasa (okay, I didn’t make it as much as I heated it), with pierogies and red cabbage.  Mmmm very Mitteleuropa.  Mind you, as I’m increasingly becoming aware, that’s a big part of my ‘heritage.’  My paternal grandmother’s family came from Germany and my paternal grandfather’s from Poland.  So dumplings and sausage and cabbage are my soul food, I guess! 

Colton Ford (on the right) and Blake HarperAfterwards, sat around watching  Naked Fame starring Glenn “Colton Ford” Naked Fame CoverSoukasian and Peter “Blake Harper” Tiefenbach.  I didn’t think it deserved to be panned quite as badly as the critics slammed it…nor had I noted how hot Blake Harper was when he was in porn.  No, the movie’s not a porn movie, but a documentary about Glenn Soukasian’s attempt to find a career outside ‘the industry’ as a singer.  What struck me was how sweet and supportive Peter was for Glenn as he tried to pursue his dreams; Peter went back to nursing so the couple could have an income.  And people say gays can’t make families.  😡

I may just download some of songs and put the movie (rented from Netflix) on my amazon wish list.  Who knows what else I’ll get my hands on….

One of the Few Good Men

Driving home from work today I put on our local NPR station here in Washington to hear a very troubling story about Marine Lt. Col. Colby Vokey, a respected Marine lawyer and model officer, a Gulf War veteran, and how he believes the military has manipulated justice both in prosecuting its own troops and at Guantanamo Bay and with other foreign accused:

“Anytime you want to subvert the rule of law to the power of a government, you’ve got a very bad thing brewing,” Vokey told NPR. “As an officer in the Marine Corps I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. And now we are perpetrating something that if any other country in the world was doing, we would likely step in and stop it.”

Stories like this, and like the immunity recently granted to the Blackwater ‘guards’ who killed 17 unarmed Iraqi men, women, and children recently, make this country seem less and less like America and more and more like Imperial Rome, butchering and oppressing people all over to feed its greedy luxury.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m no grubby lefty, no flag burner, not naive enough to believe we can all just get along, but what’s being done under a flag that’s mine too shames me; it should be enough to shame a bug under a rock.  No, I know that countries all over do this but I have higher standards for my country.  Can’t I?

If you have time, I really encourage you to listen to Lt. Col. Vokey’s interview here.  Although, really, these sorts of sordid things are just par for the course under Bush, aren’t they?

Bring a Smile to Yer Face

Well, let’s give Sakis a break this evening and see some more of our star men.  All work safe, of course…

Here they are sharing a joke.  The title’s a bit long but it is funny…

And here’s Colton Ford/Mr. Soukasian in (and then half of) suit drag at I swear the “Verandah” of the DC Eagle singing.  Do you think he’s using some of the attitude and moves he learned in his first career?  Not bad for a young 39…

 (Still no Georgian.  Or walking.  Porn boys are bad boys!)


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6 responses to “What a Big Sausage!

  1. Rob

    He REALLY needs to just stick to porn. He singing is pretty god awful

  2. angloam

    Thanks for your comment – I appreciate all my commenters.

    I think yours was the verdict of the record-buying public as well!

  3. I think its great what you have done.I saw the movie naked fame and both you and peter were great.I hope you two are still together because you look like you love each other very much. keep safe and happy!

  4. Hi, Kevin. I’m neither Colton Ford nor Blake Harper nor any porn star; but I’m sure they’d appreciate your comments on their site.

  5. mpwilson

    Just found your posting thanks to the tags on my own … where I talk about a music video for Colton Ford from last year (Tug of War), and as well as about how he toured with Cyndi Lauper.

    I personally think he has a terrific voice (that single is hot!), and I do hope he can break through into the mainstream. And yeah.. he’s hotter than f%^&!!

    And in case anyone wants to know, him and Blake Harper aren’t together anymore.. I saw that on Colton Ford’s own site.

    • Hello! I’ll have to check your blog out! He does have a remarkably good voice and struck me as very sincere about wanting to perfect his art. Cyndi Lauper is one hell of a lady. That’s a shame about the two of them – they seemed so cute together. 😦 At least they’re self-destructive like Erik Rhodes.

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