Click Went the Shears, Boys

Click Click Click. It was time today for the not-quite-frequent-enough shearing of the AngloAm. I normally get a #2 on what’s still covering my head, and a #1 on my beard, and today was no different. I should go get shorn more often but I always seem to put it off. Mind you, a … shall we say complication today with the bill left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m not sure whether I’ll ever grace that particular shearing shed again.

It may be that the guy who cut my and C’s hair made an honest mistake or it may be that he tried to double charge us. Either way, after much straightening out and transaction voiding, I figured he could do without his tip. I’m leaning towards honest mistake, but…

Nice lunch at Chipotle. C bought a stripper.

That is, for the speaker wires and is going to hook up our super duper wireless speakers and things for our super duper ultra marvellously incomprehensible TV and home theater thingy. Hopefully we can use it to entertain our friends soon. I’m already faced with the rather distasteful task of putting off my good friend RK and his family who were supposed to come over this coming weekend. (Attentive readers will connect the dots and see that it’s not all due to not being pulled together chez nous; as soon as somebody mentions it I’ll explain further why it’s not all my fault either.)

Other than that, a fairly uneventful day. My international fans, legion as they are I’m sure, my want to take note that the US has gone off daylight savings time and we set our clocks back one hour early this morning. I’m not looking forward to being at work ‘an hour early’ tomorrow. Everthing here’s switched except for our alarm clock(!) and incomprehensibly our watches which are supposed to get corrective signals from the US national clock or some such.

I suppose I should get off my well-padded and haul my cookies around the neighbourhood. It is much easier in this cooler weather, but when it gets too cool, Neal suggests the nearby Fairland Sports & Aquatics Center, where I already go should be going for my water acquatics.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I wish we could; but here’s a small contribution, Greek God Sakis Rouvas and beautiful Turkish Sertab Erener singing “Imagine” at a concert in Istanbul in 2004. If you know much about history you’ll know why a concert between Greeks and Turks is not exactly small potatoes. Just think of that, and imagine Sakis…however you want him.

Sakis Rouvas as nature intended him

Of course, sometimes, you’d like a little less left to the imagination, as I mentiond before, he was an athelete; apparently he was on the Greek national gymnastic team and pole valuting team.

Oh, it’s just too easy to make a joke about Sakis and a long pole. Instead of giggling at me, click his pic and watch him grow. See if you can think of anything you might vault on.

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