Sparks Fly!

Or they didn’t at our house this morning; half our lights and electrical outlets were juiceless.  It’s not easy to dress in the dark.  Ugh.  So I trotted in to work while C looked up sparkies (electricians) to help us out.  Of course we wanted one good and quick but it wasn’t so much fun to have to leave early from workMark Bartolomeo after being out all day Friday.  I’m going to get a reputation as a shirker.  Anyway, Pepco, our local electric company said it wasn’t them so we had to have help come in.  Sadly, Mark Bartolomeo from In A Fix wasn’t available in our local area.

However, I got the call at 12:20 that the electrician was on his merry way, and I tore home.  Good thing because I wasn’t there for ten minutes when he showed up.  Imagine – I was expecting ancient curmudgeon, but got Matt, a big blond son of the Polish soil, to fiddle with my plugs and wires.  🙂  He wasn’t here for twenty minutes when he diagnosed the problem and fixed it.

Of course, he sounded a bit…on my side of the street, and I’ve been with a partner now for so long my autoflirt is merely to mention him.  As it turned out, Matt wasn’t too put off and chatted about his house in Columbia he wants to rent out so he can move in with his girlfriend (no obviously defensive emphasis on the gender so I guess I didn’t freak him out) in VA.  I’ll help him find a tenant tomorrow by giving him the name of the local Fort Meade paper.

After he left I didn’t feel much like going back to work but now I’m a bit nervous about angry boss tomorrow; I didn’t quite get her permission to leave because she was in meetings all morning.  I did leave a phone message and a note.  I hope I don’t get taken to task.

I have to admit I didn’t put the free time to good use.  Georgian lies neglected upstairs; I hereby commit to studying it tomorrow. One hour minimum.  You can check on me.

Say, What Does Sakis Seek?

Sakis Rouvas SearchingHe’s found it!Gee, in these two pictures, our damp Greek seems first to be looking for something, and then see how pleased he is to find it.  But if you were there, in that azure lagoon, wouldn’t you love to help him locate whatever he was feeling around for, if only to put a big smile on his face?  As usual, if you just pay a little click of attention to him, he grows and grows…

And never let it be said that I deprive you of your dose of Bouncy Europop, Sakis-style, here’s “Disco Girl” in English.  (It’s Europop but it’s not really that bad.)  If you watch, you can see the video is the same as the Greek version but given it’s got Sakis wet and in a rather fetching suit, who really cares?  I’ll put up the Hellenic Delight tomorrow….

(If he took my family jewels, I don’t think I’d turn him in for it.)


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2 responses to “Sparks Fly!

  1. Karen

    Autoflirt? I like that. I used to have that but some where between 1985 and now it kinda got lost. Well, most of the time it’s lost. Every once in a while it slips out.

  2. angloam

    🙂 As I say it wasn’t too graceful, but I am sort of glad that my response to a good looking guy is to mention my partner. I think I have the heart and soul of a husband.

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