Screeving Fun

Yup, I started in on the present screeve of first conjugation verbs. It seems that for this conjugation, mostly transitive verbs, you build them as follows, in the present and future tense:

  1. Start with a ‘preverb‘ (PVb) but only in the future tense. Preverbs add directionality to a verb.
  2. Then put in a person marker.
  3. Then in some cases a pre-radical vowel (PV, I’ve also heard these called ‘versioners’).
  4. Then the root.
  5. Then in some cases a present/future stem formant (P/FSF) syllable.
  6. Then a suffix which can show the plurality of a 1p or 2p, subject, or either 3ps or 3pp subject.

Let’s see how this works, with a root like -targmn- (translate)…Let’s say “I will translate it.”

  1. This verb takes the preverb ‘gada-’ meaning across (I guess you translate something from one language across to another).
  2. Then the first person singular marker which is ‘-v-….Ø.’
  3. This verb takes no pre-radical vowel (phew!)
  4. Then the root (-targmn-)
  5. This verb takes the P/FSF ‘-i-‘
  6. The marker for a third person object is Ø (nothing).

So “I will translate it” becomes “Gadavtargmni.”Now to show a present tense, you just drop the preverb. You guessed it – “I translate it” is “vtargmni!”These are the verbs I learnt:

  • ts’er – write (vts’er = I write it)
  • xed-av – see (vxedav = I see it) (x in this case sounds like a Scot saying loch)
  • targmn-i – translate (vtargmni = I translate it)
  • sv-am – drink (vsvam = I drink it)
  • k’l-av – kill (vk’lav = I kill it) (k’ is k with an extra puff of air)
  • a-k’et-eb = make. Who can tell me what “I make it” might be? (Hint: the ‘a-’ is the preradical vowel)
  • i-ts’q-eb = begin (vits’qeb = I begin it). (ts’ is ts with an extra puff of air)

The person markers for the subjects are:

  • I = -v-…Ø
  • We = -v-…t
  • You = Ø…Ø
  • You all = Ø…t

You’ve noticed that ‘-t’ is the marker of plurality for the 1p and 2p.For the third person (he, she, it, and then), the pattern is a suffix which varies by screeve.Given that, could you guess that ‘you all write it’ would be ‘ts’ert’ and that ‘we see it’ is ‘vxedavt?’ How would you say ‘you all translate it?’ Answers for these two questions tomorrow and a prize for anyone who guesses before I post the solution! More to come on those important preverbs, which, with the pre-radical vowel, are the main source of confusion with this conjugation.

Phew! We Need Some Eye Candy Quick!

As promised, here is the Great Greek One singing ‘To Koritsi Tis Disco’ – the song from yesterday, in his real tongue.

Sakis Rouvas with his big poleSakis Rouvas Happier When he ShowersAs I mentioned the other day, Mr. Rouvas was a pole vaulter…and yes, here he is with his big stick, and here’s another of him enjoying a shower after (presumably) some sort of exertion. Would you like to be the wind in his hair like in the picture? A mere click and he’ll grow, just for you and my other fans. Meanwhile, the morrow will bring either a new feature, or the making of video for ‘Disco Girl’ or both. What would you like from Mr. Rouvas (queue forms behind me…)? (Just kidding, my precious partner C! You know I’m kidding, right? :))

(I believe pole valuters have to be very flexible and limber. Don’t you hope Sakis is flexible? And limber?)

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