Gardavtargmnit Together!

Hmmm, I’m saving money on prizes! 🙂 Nemmind, eh? as mum would say.

a-k’et-eb = make. Who can tell me what “I make it” might be? (Hint: the ‘a-’ is the preradical vowel).

Answer: “I make it” is “vak’eteb.

How would you say ‘you all translate it?’ Answers for these two questions tomorrow and a prize for anyone who guesses before I post the solution!

Remembering that the verb root is ‘targmn’ which takes the P/FSF ‘-i-‘ the answer is “targmnit.” If you all are going to translate it in the future, you’d have to put the preverb (Pvb) ‘gada-‘ in front, and the translation for “you all will translate it” is “gadatargmnit.” Simple!

(Don’t you think it odd that a directional Pvb is the only way to show futurity?  It’s almost like the future is more vivid, more interesting, more worth talking about, than the present.)

In any event, let’s look at those Pvbs. They are divided into two groups which add directionality to the verb. Those without the syllable ‘mo’ show motion away from the speaker or listener, those with it show direction towards the speaker or listener.


No ‘mo’

With ‘mo’


‘a’ & ‘agh’

‘amo’ & ‘aghmo’

Out, away

‘ga’ & ‘gagh’



‘gada’ & ‘garda’


(No specific meaning)



Away from speaker



In, into




‘cha’ & ‘shta’



‘ts’a’ and ‘ts’ar’

‘ts’amo’ & ‘ts’armo’

Back and forth



(Please excuse the ugly table – I’m still learning HTML.) Now, where there are two alternatives, the second one is more erudite, more formal. So to be terribly elegant, I guess I’d say ‘gardavtargmnit’ the future lessons.

Oh, an odd thing – a ‘targum‘ is an Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible for popular use from the Second Temple period.  In Hebrew, ‘targum’ means ‘translation’ or ‘interpretation.’  In Arabic, ‘targem’ means ‘to translate’ or ‘to interpret.’


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