Sakis’s Hard Life

It’s hard being a sexy handsome talented singing Greek athletic star. I guess. I wouldn’t know about being sexy or handsome, except to my partner I am sexy and handsome, which is all the adoration I need and more than I ever thought I’d find. (Who’m I to contradict him? 🙂 ) Here’s Sakis looking patient as some lucky person gets to smear white stuff all over him so he can crawl about the ceiling, apparently for an album cover. I find it borderline disturbing, but at the end we get to see him wet and I’d let him drip all over my carpet any time he wanted to – wouldn’t you?

Now I know I promised a new feature today but for alliteration’s sake I’m going to put it off until tomorrow when we’ll start ‘Theme Thursdays of Handsomeness!” (cue the impressive music and crowds cheering). I know some people think I come across as a twelve year old giddy girl, but, frankly, I don’t give a damn. It’s quite liberating to babble about this or that cutie, don’t forget, for years I had to keep quiet about who I found attractive. As a gay man, in many cases I still do. So I enjoy this giddiness, and I hope you do too. I’ll sure need to take refuge in it over the next few days as my work schedule becomes a nightmare as we try to deal with a major conference I’m supposed to take part in, help arrange, and give a presentation at.Sakis sitting waiting

Phew! I think that calls for more eye candy…here’s one of Sakis waiting patiently for you to be free of your work’s dull cares. Wouldn’t you love to come home to that? Give him a click to set him free of his little box. And finally, for really gushy girly sighing, here’s a giant one of his gawgous green eyes…to drown in. (Despite the odd expression – perhaps he’s thinking of a way to make you happy.) I think I’ll have to go have a snog with my man!

Sakis’s Green Eyes

(What part of his body shall we pay attention to next?)

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  1. Karen

    I actually looked up “snog.” I thought it meant something. . . more but then I read that that is a common misconcpetion among Americans.

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