What Did Delaware?

A New Jersey, of course, which is were C and I am, on a minibreak. We’re staying in New Jersey, but we’re visiting New Hope, Pennsylvania, to look around the little town and see if we can find beautiful things for our home.

New Hope seems nice but very crowded; there seems to be a lot of galleries and gift shops, and not a lot of parking places. We’ll try again tomorrow. Why do people in upscale Colonial towns always act as if adequate parking for the visitors they love to attract is an item of utter superfluousness? Surely there must be a way to preserve the charm and build in convenience?

Here is a map of New Hope…

Still, we had a lovely lovely lovely dinner at The Raven Inn. The pic here shows the dining room in the day; tonight the outside area was hung with cascading Christmas lights for a very elegant touch. I had a delicious creamRaven Dining Room of watercress soup followed by grilled tuna steaks in a Thai sauce with cellophane noodles, and a delicious toll house pie afterwards, and got mildly tipsy on a quite strong Irish coffee. C had a caesar salad with great long anchovies on, lobster ravioli in cream of crab sauce, and crème brulée.

Things didn’t go well at first; we were sat next to some rather nasty old queens, and of course I didn’t make a good impression by bumping my fat ‘cuddly’ (Ok, C?) self into one of them. They sat around afterwards letting little acid drops fall from their little acid hearts and barely touching their food. (You look more sophisticated if you just pick at your beef tournedos, and nobody needs to know if you scarf down a couple of hot dogs in a 7-11 parking lot on the way home.) However, they left soon and it was so relaxing and lovely. Our waiter Brian was very obliging and attentive (and yes, cute, as was the other waiter Derrick), and as I say it was so nice that I genuinely didn’t want to leave; we intend to come back.

Tomorrow it’s off to Smithville were we will do a little more shopping.

Brr, Baby, it’s Cold Outside

So cold you need to wear a coat, maybe a nice warm jacket like the one’s Sakis is modelling for us…he doesn’t have to be nude to be hot, does he?

Sakis Leather 2

Sakis Leather 1Sakis at a Fence You can click these two smaller ones to make him bigger for yourself and check out his handsome face and cute butt; I won’t tell! Heck, I’d do it myself. And of course, we couldn’t go without seeing him move about for us, this time in a video for a song called “Ego Travao Zori” (no idea what it means – can anyone help me?)…check out the lucky ladies who get to work with his clothes. I do have to think that they’re going in the wrong direction with this delicious dudes duds. (Gosh that’s painful!)

(Talk about a job being too good to rush…)

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