It’s Good To Be Home

It sure is even after such a lovely weekend. Sunday we went to Lambertville (NJ) for a really nice brunch overlooking the sparkling and swan-bedecked Delaware River at the Inn at Lambertville Station; we got there early so we parked the car and wandered about the town. C saw a great looking glass shop (BjornGlass) and I saw a gallery with a very striking collage in the window. After brunch we walked back as the stores were by then open and after some (very short debate) we bought them both. At the glass shop we actually got to meet one of the artists so that was interesting. I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow. I also bought a really nicely done box for my desk, made from wengé, Bolivian rosewood and curly maple.

From there we drove all around southern New Jersey until we found Smithville, but everything was well closed by then, so we went off to our hotel. All I will say is that their crummy internet connections are why I didn’t post from there.

This morning, we went to Smithville, but it was a bit of a disappointment. The store which used to sell Italian glass and olive wood now sells only trinkets and baubles, the number of glue gun glory shops selling ‘crafts’ (faux-folk items hot glued up and painted in ‘colonial’ or ‘country’ colors with self-consciously and deliberately ‘countrified’ mottos or decoration on them) have multiplied like a blight, and we really couldn’t see any reason to hang about. I think this may be our last time in Smithville. We stopped for a brief walk on the beach in Ocean City (NJ) and came home, stopping just to check on my mum and dad’s house and get (yet) more Italian food. Mmmm, pesto.

Riding the highways.

Roadgeekwise, we got to see the odd situation of the I-95 discontinuity north of Trenton. Basically, I-95 enters New Jersey and begins a loop around Trenton, but suddently, at the US-1 interchange, it ‘ends’ and becomes I-295. To continue north on I-95, you have to take I-295 south to I-95 over to the New Jersey Turnpike, which suddenly stops being designated (from the south) TO I-95 to just plain I-95. Find more about this odd disconnect here and here. The second site shows all the history of the canceled Somerset Freeway and the opposition from the New Jersey Turnpike authority.

What’s left?

Sakis Rouvas Showing a wide pose

Sakis Kicking high and wide

Well, what’s left for me is a nice (!) long walk to start making up for all the food I gorged on this weekend, and to start (reenergize) my losing weight and getting fit. I have some nice new sweatpants to wear in the cold. When I’m done I think I’ll watch one of the movies Netflix sent. I shall use these pictures of our man Sakis as inspiration; he seems to be able to get into odd poses, and look how wide and high he can throw his legs. Can you think of any use to which you would have him put that skill? If you need a closer, longer, more lingering look, you know what to do.

And here he is singing about spinning around or something, in a song called Ola Giro Sou Girizoun.

(Do his wide stances spin you around, too?)




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