Still Not Dead!

Wow, what a wonderful week it’s been. Thank you for your patience.

My mum and dad indulged me with a very good espresso machine, the Capresso Mini, and I’ve been making C and myself cappuccini and espressi with it ever since. They also got me a little four-cup drip coffee machine with a timer that I’ll take to work; now when I’ve finished C’s lovely mocha that he sends me in to work with every morning, I’ll have yet more lovely coffee waiting for me. If the fire marshal doesn’t nix it first.

My good friends K, D, and J got me some workout gear, and a lovely block of note paper imprinted with a picture off this very site of the rather dishy Michael Lewis. Apparently, it’s all designed to get my pulse racing and me all sweaty. Mr. Lewis and lifting weights have that effect!

Sakis Rouvas SittingAll the excitement must have got my head giddy because last weekend, you know, when I had all those plans, I didn’t do a darned thing. I’ve still not moved the blog to my site, and I’ve still not taken the pictures of the art work, and I’ve still not put our other site on its own domain, and I’ve still not edited the movie from our trip, and we’ve still not connected up our super duper TVs video entertainment megasystems, but we do have a four-day weekend coming up so guess what! we mustn’t sit on our well paddeds like last weekend, or like Sakis here (run your clicker on him to see him lounge large). Of course, we always leave time for socializing if the chance comes up.Via Veneto

The other thing the giddiness has done is made me decide, after reading coffeekid and coffeegeek, to buy another espresso machine, this one a Saeco Via Veneto with a pump. Apparently a pump machine is better at making rich and mellow espresso, and these machines, which are universally agreed to be good starter systems, are going on e-bay for $60 for a reconditioned model – they were $250 when new.

BessamaticGiddy giddy. I also bid on a Voigtländer Bessamatic; it was the first ‘real’ camera (i.e., SLR) my dad ever got me and I lost it (more on that to come) some years ago and still miss it. I’ll do a post or a page on it soon. It is at least fifty years old, weighs a ton, is mostly mechanical, and will teach a person more about focal plane focusing than any new eletronic rig. Not that I’m a photographic Luddite, I love our digital SLR and wish I could use its advanced features more intelligently. 19 minutes to go. I have mixed opinions; I wish I’d not bid so high and that I’d waited to find one with a case and strap; and maybe even I’m slightly hoping not to get it. (Ed: I got it. Mixed emotions continue unstirred.)

Giddy giddy giddy. We also got ourselves a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3, so I’ll be able to use Dreamweaver this weekend to start up the new site for you. Talk about giddy. It all came to a bit of a crash when C did the accounts this evening, so over a lovely fresh cappuccino we have discussed how important it is to maintain a sensible spending and indulgence level. Of course he’s right, when we looked the other day at our dining out budget and expenses I was shocked. We could buy and run a very nice luxury car on what we spend eating out. And the other benefit is that my personal trainer Neal wants me to eat out much less too. Hopefully we’ll gain more disposable while we lose our avoirdupoids. That doesn’t mean a trip to the Churrascaria for lunch (FNC, dinner?) this Friday is out, though….

Must dash for now

Stathis Papadopoulos in Omiros

Sakis Rouvas Running

As I say, just like Sakis I have to run (I promise to remain clothed though, unlike our Greek Beauty here, who will get bigger, but sadly not move his leg a bit, if you click him gently with your mouse).

I’ve spent too much time tonight spending money and making espresso and watching another gorgeous Greek, Stathis Papadopoulos (to the left here, what eyes, what a jaw line, what beautiful swarthiness) in Omiros (Hostage). I will try to muse interestingly on Thanksgiving, how I lost the Bessamatic, good coffee, and other things on the morrow. In the meantime, please, keep the comments coming. I really do appreciate them.

(Sakis would not have to run to me, how about you?)


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2 responses to “Still Not Dead!

  1. Karen

    I was worried about the note pad. I didn’t want to upset C. Listening to you talk about what you accomplish with your trainer is very inspirational. Our dining out budget is ridiculous especially when it’s mostly items like sodas or gum at the convenience store and not even a real meal. One of my goals fr ’08 is to get that under control.

  2. angloam

    C is not in the least upset – honest. 🙂

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