Welcome to Our New Obsession

Carlos Ponce and his beautiful eyesYes, all things Sakis must come to an end, and now we turn our man crazy eyes to Puerto Rican singer, television presenter, actor and all around übercutie, Carlos Ponce. The banner image above is from this picture and there will be much more to come, as Mr. Ponce’s quite a talent, not to mention easy on the eyes. Click it to embiggen it and stare into those lovely green eyes.


As he is quite at ease in front of the camera, his interviews always seem so relaxed and humerous; here at a photoshoot for Ocean Drive magazine (a glamour rag about South Beach), he demonstrates to the spokeslady just how sweet he is.

I wish my Spanish were better, he’s done more on Spanish TV than English-language; I remember trying to watch Dame Chocolate just to see him but I couldn’t keep up. I often watch Spanish TV for all the wrong reasons.

(What is it about these Latino guys?)

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