So What Have You Been Up To?

Me? Not a lot really, had a good Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, and a lovely Friday wrestling with this site, after waking up at the crack of dawn noon; that evening my friends and I went out to dinner. Saturday Neal the Personal Trainer came and we had a good discussion about my ‘intake.’ I need to do better. I’ve been finding it harder to walk lately for some reason; perhaps it’s the cold. If it keeps up he wants me to investigate working out at my local gym, which is quite daunting a prospect. I have, however, promised to check it out on Wednesday. I already go should go there for aquatics for my arthritis. Can I ask for your support?

It was a bit odd, though; he arrived with jeans on…then after settling his bags and things in the basement he took his shoes off, and then stood up and unbuckled his jeans and unzipped them. I didn’t know where to look. However it was just that his shorts were underneath. I don’t expect he expected to leave them behind!

Sunday (today) I brought my new coffee maker to my office; it’s on a timer so I can have fresh hot coffee on arrival. I hope that doesn’t make me look too aloof. One of the things I don’t like about this more ‘troop’ type organization is the enforced togetherness and groupiness that people believe in, and it seems to get worse all the time. (Ed.: It worked great!)

This Gets Better all the Time.

Lovely Carlos Ponce seems to get better all the time, doesn’t he?

From the Cisoto Fotos website here he is…

…in his role as a special correspondent for “Entertainment Television.” While Carlos is interviewing actress Cote De Pablo about her role on “NCIS,” he and “NCIS” star Michael Weatherby both end up shirtless. Cote and Carlos used to co-host the Spanish-language TV show “Control.”

BS Inclusion

Grrrr. This is what I call…bulldust inclusion. At work, we’re to have a ‘holiday’ party on 14 December, a Friday. Now they’re being very careful not to call it a Christmas party, so as not to let us non-Christians feel left out. Everyone’s to feel welcome to leave work at … well, their regular time and then go to a community center with their potluck dishes and dine and festivate together, and clean up. I mean, you wouldn’t want people to have to take work time for this sort of thing, would you? I can only assume that while arranging this all-religions, non-Christmas get-together, they forgot that Jews, at least observant ones can’t take part as it’s Shabbat!!!! So it looks all First Ammendment-y, all sing kumbayah-y, all non-denominational, all inclusive, but it’s really utter bullsh…er…bulldust. I guess Muslims can’t really take part either as it’s to be arranged during Friday prayer time.

Carlos Ponce reclining in the calm coolOf course, if I say anything, I’ll be the ‘trouble maker’ who wants to ‘throw everything into disarray’ (and who’s ‘being difficult’). Worst case scenario for me is that everyone’d resent me and it’d be moved to a Thursday thus depriving me of the chance to give up my free time to let our Commanding General think that we’re all one big happy family (and not a crew of arsekissers). So I’ll let discretion be nine-tenths and all…but it’s all the utterest bull…er…crap.

I should calm down; here’s Carlos Ponce looking all cool and collected and discreetly hairy. Doesn’t he seem to be advising cool white linens and tropical rooms, even on this cold wintry evening? (I really should go for my daily traipse in a bit.) I swear sometimes I use pictures like this the way drunks use booze, just to clear my head for a moment. Does that make me sick? I hope not.

Are We Staying Here For a Bit?

Yes. I need to make sure that all my ducks are in a row before I move to my own hosting – I was having a lot of trouble. I need to figure out how to post thumbnails easily that (like the above) you can click on to drink in the full beauty, how to get the tag clouds back, and a lot of other sidebar stuff. I can’t do that while generating content so I’ll postpone the move for a bit. Don’t scrape off your favourites list just yet, though; once I stop typing this I am going to start patiently working through Dreamweaver. May I ask your indulgence for just a bit longer?

What I really need is a massage just like Carlos here…or to be Carlos’s masseur. Would you like to oil him up?

(And rub him down, down, down!)


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2 responses to “So What Have You Been Up To?

  1. Karen

    I take from your description of your boss that your co-workers don’t read your blog. 🙂 D and I watched Project Runway last night (he hates reality shows but I find them amusing) and at one point there were about 12 mail models stripping down to their undies. I started to call you but thought it was a little late. And didn’t want to upset your other half.

  2. angloam

    I don’t think they do but my coworkers would agree. We surfed through PR after we got home – saw the models. My favourite reality guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives of Orange County; I can’t get enough.

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