En Quatre Couleurs


Sitting here in the home office listening to C play Plastic Bertrand singing “Ça Plan Pour Moi” and wondering what to blog about. I mean you could be interested in my boring job, or why I need to pull my thumbs out and buckle down, or how hard that is when you feel that your function’s unimportant and unwanted. Here’s the video from “Top of the Pops” in 1978. I still think it’s cool…it was in a rather good French movie we watched (”Times Have Been Better“).

Or about the fact that after two days of indolence and three of very substandard walking times I managed to do 35 minutes in the cold cold Washington night. Bodum espresso glassOr about the fact that my new espresso machine is still not here despite being promised but I really really want to give the seller one more day before I give up. After all, I just got a bunch of really beautiful Bodum cappuccino glasses (which I will put to the test before going to bed).Or about the fact that that very same cold dark Washington nights have meant I still have notvb.jpg managed to take the new old Voigtlander out for a test run to see if it really works because it’s too damned dark by the time I get home. Plan is to take it to work tomorrow and see if I meet a stern Military Policeman with questions as to why I’m taking snapshots of our building. If all goes well and the pics are decent I’ll post them for your viewing delight.

Sexy Ivri LiderOh, now he’s playing lovely sexy Ivri Lider singing “Jesse.”  I hope this openly gay Israeli singer comes to DC in concert soon. He sang the theme song “Bo” to “Yossi & Jagger,” a really romantic tear-jerker.

Or maybe you’d rather hear about my troubles with figuring out Dreamweaver? Nah, nobody wants to know about that. Not even me!

Could it be you want to hear about our delicious dinner, pasta with walnut and sage sauce?Carlos Ponce by a window It was the one healthy thing I ate today after breakfast. Hotdogs at lunch were a bad idea. So were the little chockies my colleagues brought in.

Oh, I know what you want, you want a piece of Ponce, today’s view of our handsome hero. Here’s a picture of him looking young and fresh and lovely by a window…what a view, eh? Just click on Carlos to get him large…and when you’re done, enjoy this video of him singing “Te Vas.” He really is a talented package.

(He looks like he needs comforting…wouldn’t you help him?)


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  1. Karen

    Dinner does sound delicious – and healthy. Gotta “love” this time of year when co-workers feel it’s their duty to bring in goodies to share. Makes sticking to a meal plan so difficult. Of course I shouldn’t complain as some times I’m the one bringing things in.

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