Fabulous Fun for Friday!


Yes, as promised, here’s a mini-obsession, a bite-sized beauty, a pocket hunk as it were…introducing Brazilian model and actor Henri Castelli. You may take a few moments to get lost in his piercing eyes, imagine that stubble on your cheek, seeing those lips smile….

Henri Castelli and his beautiful eyes

He was featured twice in the Brazilian website “Paparazzo.” Clicking on this lovely picture will bring you to a web gallery with his most recent pictures…


Henri Castelli link to Pap2

And since I know that we’d all love to see him in motion here’s the ‘making of’ movie for this shoot:

Here are four more videos of Senhor Castello patiently being adorned with make-up, posed, half-stripped, and photographed all for our delectation…

Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, and Video 4.

Looking a bit younger, here’s a link to his first session on the Paparazzo site…


Henri Castelli link to Paparazzi 1

I’ll be sprinkling in a bit more of Henri while we continue with our Parade o’Ponce, I hope that’s all right with you.

Dreading tomorrow

…but only myself to blame – I’ve not eaten well (albeit a lot) or walked much this week; God alone knows what Neal‘ll have to say. Wish me luck! My counsellor Alan says that my parents may have squashed my creativity; I’ll try to unleash it more here and on the ever-promised angloamssite, but I will have to use it a lot tomorrow when he asks why I’ve not done better. Novel idea: I’ll tell the truth about why I did so poorly this week.If only I knew what that was; I can’t reduce it to one thing. I’ll give it some thought. I mean, Sr. Castelli didn’t get all this lovely washboardiness by means of inactivity and mixed nuts, did he?

Henri Castelli’s Washboardness

(Shall we shake his hand, right where it is?)





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3 responses to “Fabulous Fun for Friday!

  1. rick

    adorei as fotos

  2. Obrigado, Rick, e eu adorei as tambem!


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