Nearly Horizontal…

…Is how I spent nearly all today. I just hope that I can use today’s inactivity to help me get out of my fog at work – I’ve gotten next to nothing done recently and my due-outs are piling up. Pure laziness, really. No excuse. My goal is tomorrow after work to be able to report to you, my gentle readers, real progress on two really important projects. Will you hold me to it? Please? I also have a to-do list for at home; some has to do with this blog and my ‘website’ (in quotes because it exists more in name than in reality). I’ll share those with you over the next few days so you can track my progress on them as well.

More Mundane Details

  • Well, I made a good dinner tonight in spite of a brief power outage. I took two eggs, some tomato paste, some bread crumbs, some shredded cheese, some Italian seasoning and some soy sauce, mixed them with some ground beef and made meatloaf that was very good indeed. I wonder if it was the cheese or the tomato paste that did it.Bodum espresso glass
  • The Bodum cappuccino glasses are great – I love how they look and how they keep the coffee hot while remaining cool to the touch. I definitely recommend them. The Bodum hole in one espresso cups, however, are down to three of the four I bought – one seems to have had a flaw and the handle broke off in the dishwashers.
  • It is not good for digital pedometers to be washed with the laundry. I’ve had to buy a replacement. Poor C blamed himself but it was my fault for not removing it from my shirt pocket.
  • Why is it I’ve fixated on the treadmill just because of an off-hand remark of Neal’s – that ‘biomechanically’ my little set of exercise pedals may be uncomfortable? I know – I’ll try them and see.
  • Why is it that I can always find reasons not to exercise but when it’s too late to do so (say, at 11:08 in the evening) I wish I had. This seems an inconvenience of psychology. I mean, I look at the guys I find handsome/cute/desirable, and none of their bodies say “I sat around all day” or “I got this way by riding a couch and lifting snacks.” That’s right, those guys ride bikes and get sweaty, like Henri Castelli here in this Brazilian commercial for Gatorade.

A slight note of wistfulness….

I know I could never be as handsome as him, or as young, but I could maybe be as self-confident, do you think? Dare I? Dare I unleash my inner athlete, my undercover jock (that I only suspect may exist)?

(Note to the intrepid reader: f you have a leashed athlete or a jock under your covers, unleash him or pull the sheets back – your evening may take a more interesting turn.)

More on That To Come, Meanwhile…

…Speaking of our minor man-craze, here he is in some sort of interesting situation from the Brazilian soap opera “Celebridades” on the beach in his speedos, then lured to a bedroom and stripped by some nasty person (I only speak um pouco da lingua portuguesa, and I can’t make out everything but he mentions his mother while gloating over Henri’s body on his bed). Now this kidnapper is either straight, unsingle, or weird or some or all of the above. See, if I were single and had Mr. Castelli naked, on my bed, at my mercy, dressing him would be the last thing on my mind and my mum‘d be – pray God – the last person on my mind. Why it’s such a great idea to get him dressed is beyond me. Surely the point of guys with Henri’s looks is to get them undressed??? Much less mystifying is this clip of our hunky Henri in a very odd auto on some sort of Brazilian interview show ‘Astromóvel.’ Would you like to be in a tiny car pressed up against him and to take him for a drive?Henri Castelli in his undies

<sigh>Although I’ve not forgotten our Prime Pal Mr. Ponce, I have to say that Mr. Castelli looks so good in his tighty whities, I thought I’d close with this one, still shot of him therein.

(“Good morning”would be the thing to say to Mr. C, I guess…)

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