How’d You Like a Quickie?

I hope you like it fast and hopefully not too nasty, because that’s all I’ve got time for this evening. I did manage to make major progress on one of my due-outs today, but I may have been wasting my time, or not, as my boss’s boss may not want it after all. Or he might. Who knows? At first it annoyed me that he called me “son” on the phone, but then I thought – why get upset when he emphasizes the fact that I’m so much younger than him. Shall I call him “pops” when next I see him?

And blech, I have a meeting to go to tomorrow that I only just found out about, and I hate that because I get so nervous I’ll make a fool of myself.

It’s kind of a drag that I see quite clearly that I can never be promoted, not just in my current directorate, but in my current organization at all. I’ve spotted one job in the next building over that I may go for. Wish me luck!

It’s also a drag that my boss said she doesn’t know anything about my job and won’t be learning; I have to educate her beyond her preconceived notions, which is just extra effort. Effort that the others, in the same field as her, don’t have to expend. Whine! But I have to ask how she can appreciate it when I am busy, or do a good job, or both, if she doesn’t know and appears not to care to know.

There has to be a happy medium between neglect and micromanaging – benign neglect? Helpful managing?


My marvellous (for $60, apparently a terrible buy for it’s original retail of four times that) new Saeco Via Veneto espresso machine arrived today along with some marvellous Aboriginal art that C found on a web site of a gallery in his very own home town. I can’t wait to get it framed. I also can’t but have to wait to try out the machine – apparently I must prime the pumping mechanism first or “serious damage may ensue.” Eeep!

Oh, wish me luck on the pedals tonight – if I get home before 11:00 I’ll try them out, otherwise it’ll be soon, I promise. And do comment, particularly with any theories on why I’m so frigging ravenous this evening.

Cleans Up Nicely!

Carlos Ponce in a dashing suitBack to our current obsession, the handsome Carlos Ponce, who can croon us off our feet and into…whatever he wants us in. As I say this is just a quick one so here he is looking very polished and put together in a lovely suit. He looks so good – it must be that power thing. To gaze more deeply into his soulful eyes and to see more closely his enigmatic smile (although he does look a tad schnozzled), let your mouse click do the walking…and I’ll see you tomorrow.

(Wouldn’t you like to put a smile on his gorgeous face?)

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