I’b so sig

I’b so sig, or I was yesterday evening. In bed by 8:30. Snifflesniffle sneeze. Didn’t get to pedal. Didn’t update my resumé. Didn’t check out my brother’s blog (and I can’t at work – blogspot’s blocked). Didn’t try out my espresso machine. Didn’t watch Chuck.

C made me some chicken and barley soup and I drifted off to bed with a TheraFlu and some pretzels (?). Feeling better today; will have to work on my resumé over lunch. I haven’t even expressed my thoughts on the National Intelligence Estimate.

Drove in to work today at low speed because we’re having our first snow of the season. Not enough to really stick but enough to make overpasses very slippy. It does look pretty though.

Hopefully this picture of Henri Castelli will remind us in the northern hemisphere of warmer climes and better times, and he does look pretty too, in a hunky way.  Don’t bother clicking on it – it’s too much effort in the cold. You can have him full size.

Henri Castelli on a deck someplace warm

(Is that a bloody palm tree in the background? Grrr jealous!)

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