Pump it, Baby

I’m sitting sipping an espresso from my brand new Saeco Via Veneto and for a non-expert like me, it’s good. Yummy good. Supposedly thanks to the rather powerful pump in the machine.

And the counter’s only a little bit covered in hot water. I still can’t figure out the hose contraption for the steam output but I’m sure I will and I’ll start making lovely cappuccini soon. Now if only the ground fault interrupter in our media room would work so we can fire up our super duper ultra marvellous DVD player and sip coffee while we watch something good. Netflix has sent me “La Vie En Rose” which is the story of Edith Piaf and I can’t wait.

My replacement pedometer arrived and I’m so chuffed; so did “WordPress for Dummies.” Perhaps my blog will soon be less pedestrian. Perhaps.

Let it Snow, But Why Here?

Our House in WinterWashington and Maryland had its first snow of the season today, only a dusting but the road crews and drivers seemed a bit unprepared. My normal 30 minute commute took about 50, thanks to an accident on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, just above Maryland Route 197. That was a common theme – overbridges were strewn with prangs and fender benders, and everyone was tailed back trying to get through. Here’s a picture of our house, on our coming home; doesn’t it look cozy? Click to see it a bit bigger.

Particularly ironic was how the walkways on the base where I work were not treated or swept or shovelled. Keep in mind that before every holiday we are frog-marched into the auditorium to get a safety briefing, where I, inter alia, a 40+ year old man (no, really I am) are told how to drive safely…yet that concern apparently does not extend to allowing me to walk safely. Odd, innit?

Meanwhile, there was an accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge so I was worried that my best friend K’s husband D wouldn’t be able to come over to this side of the bay and pick her up. I was half hoping <blush> that she’d have to come over to our house to wait for him, I enjoy her company that much. But it was not to be.

So How Can We Keep Warm?Carlos Ponce on the Grass

We can remember summer days when we could lie around on the grass, possibly (preferably) with warm friendly people like Carlos Ponce, here looking relaxed and relaxing. Don’t you love it when handsome men lie at your feet?

Carlos Ponce on the grassOr when it was not a freezing prospect to be under a dock warm and wet, maybe even with a smiling person like Carlos Ponce,Carlos Ponce, wet and yummy damply, drippingly inviting…

I mean, you could have gone out today and get wet, but hardly warm, and I bet you wouldn’t be smiling like Mr. Ponce here, not with the temperature at just below freezing. Despite his ice-blue eyes, he’s more the tropical type, I’d say.

(Doesn’t he get you warmed up?)


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2 responses to “Pump it, Baby

  1. Karen

    I think I’m blushing, too. πŸ™‚

  2. angloam

    Hi, Karen. πŸ™‚ Can’t help it – you’re good company. Just trying to see the good possibility in a bad situation.

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