Rayed X


Not sure if it’s good or bad but my GP wants me to get the ankle x-rayed and then to see the doctor who made my orthotics. I guess on balance it’s good. Mind you he had a particularly clear case of pain as on my way from my car to my office I pitched over and fell, sprawling, on my knee, then hands and ankle. Yes, the one that’s hurting. I was hobbling about all day. Bloody painful. He (GP) also wants me to ‘cut back a bit’ on the walking; so I’m going to stop trying to increase my time every time. I guess the key thing is consistency. I’ve not been slimming down as fast as I would like so it’s time go to on even more of an intake blitz. Not easy with free time and so many yummy things over the holidays Christmas. I’ll get the X-rays done on Friday, I guess.So into all this walked Neal the personal trainer who was more understanding than I thought he’d be. We talked a bit but I’d not written up my intake logs. Then we did a lot of strength work. I did crunches with a 10lb weight, then with my arms outstretched far behind my head, and then what he calls ‘bridges’ off my exercise ball. Neal seemed very pleased with my partial squats, I apparently can get quite far down and come up with control. I was so down when he showed up and felt a lot better when he’d gone. So that was good. Of course he comes back Saturday so here’s hoping intending for a good report to give him.

Preparations Unfinished

Oh, crap! There’s only two weekends before Christmas. Crap crap crap! Everyone’s going to be getting their cards late. Maybe I can write them out at Ikea tomorrow – we’re going after work to look for things to put our DVDs in. Crap crap crap! I have to get some Christmas shopping done! I have to make a grocery order for Christmas. Oder Stollen and get panforte. We’ve got Christmas cake so that’s okay. And the rumtopf’s been utterly forgotten. Crap crap crap!

A Photo Unfinished

I dropped off the test pictures from the Voightlander on Wednesday, 5 December at the CVS in Beltsville. They were supposed to be back on Monday, 10 December. Guess what? Not back. They’re doing a tracer on them. I’m annoyed because I really wanted to be able to give the vendor some feedback. And of course to share them with you, my adoring public. (Although I notice that my most hit posts are those with the names of porn stars in them…not my other stuff….) I hope they’re back soon because the camera is old and has no built in flash so I can only take pics during daylight hours. I’ll tell you though, once you go digital, all this palaver with running back and forth to the developer is for the birds.Oh, what really has me worried is that they’ve got photos from somebody with the same last name who’s not picked them up. One wonders.

Now That’s Good Coffee

No, really, I think I’m getting better with the Via Veneto. The idea I think is that you put the end of the tube thing into your milk, which is drawn up and then aerated with the steam and then dropped back into the container all foamy. I think though that it’s better to do the foaming first, and then the espresso into two little cups as the coffee cools down quite a bit while the milk’s foaming, while the milk won’t cool quite as quick under its little foam blanket. Made some with caffeine when we got home from our respective works, and will make one more before retiring for the night.

Java and the Blue Boy

Carlos Ponce in a Blue ShirtCarlos Ponce in a Blue MoodWell, okay, it’s a bit of a stretch but there’s a blue vibe in today’s Carlos Ponce pictures, two conventional shots (but no less appealing for it) and one of him getting ready for a comforting massage. Would you like to oil him up and give him a long, slow rub? Click on the little ones to see him enlarge. I couldn’t bring myself to shrink him on the table, that grin looks too good full size.

Carlos Ponce Ready for Rubbing

And for our video delight, here’s Carlos singing “Decir Adios” which translates to “Saying Goodbye.” Not quite yet but I’m hard at work on our next obsession due soon. I am having fun doing Carlos though as there are so many videos.


Frenching Rafael

Rafael Branciforti’s also fun to do, I’m sure you’d bet. Since the last pic of him by a pair of French doors stirred such interest, here’s the remainder of him playing with his reflected image in his very, very tight speedos.  Please note: I didn’t do the cropping on any of these…

Rafael Branciforti in a doorway

Rafael Branciforti in a doorwayRafael Branciforti in a doorway


Rafael Branciforti in a doorwayRafael Branciforti in a doorway

Rafael Branciforti in a doorway

(Certainly keeping our interest up, isn’t he?)


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