It has been a while, hasn’t it? Now that work’s all finished before the Big Red And Green Day it feels like the countdown thereto has arrived, but not actually started yet, as we’re still not ready. The house needs to be cleaned and presents to be wrapped and dinner started and things but we’ll get there, I feel….80…maybe 40% confident. Well, maybe 70%.

Sweatin’ is the Oldie

Yes, I went back to the gym Thursday and Friday and it was good. I did a bit more on Thursday but came up short not due to exhaustion but due to the horrible realization that I couldn’t find my cell phone on me. That kinda stopped me from doing much more. Luckily it was turned in at the desk. Friday I did a bit more again and felt great.The best thing is that an older gentleman came over to me and congratulated me for coming back after my fall on Wednesday. That made me feel great.The only bad thing is that the gym closes too early for me to use it during the ‘interweek’ (my name for the week between Christmas and New Year). Either I shall have to leave early or this week I’ll have to pound the neighbourhood streets again.Looking forward also I’m going to bet that the gym will be packed after January 1st with everyone working on resolutions. I’ll just have to work through that, too.

Gifts Given and Received

Had a lovely time Friday evening with my friends over sushi were we finished the gift exchange begun last Saturday at K&D&J’s party. I think everyone was pleased with the things we gave them; I certainly hope so. I know I’ve been given so many thoughtful gifts from all my friends I’m quite humbled. Sometimes I take the people in my life so much for granted.

Bit of a Bump

Is how I came down when Neal visited today. I thought I’d done well on the ‘mill but apparently I’m not moving fast enough. Oh well. I’m happy with my performance. It’ll have to get better but it’ll have to do. I also have to engage in a bit of retail fraud; I need to write up my eating for the last two weeks(!); some of it’s in my weight watchers files, some in my head, and some will be pulled out of my … ear or left blank. Apparently it’s not enough that I eat less, but also less sodium and transfats.It’s not easy. I can tell you. But it’s nobody else’s fault but my own that I overeat at the drop of a hat/chocolate bar/cookie/pretzel/steak.I need to take time though tomorrow to write it all up. I’ll do my best and just like the ‘mill, that’ll have to do. I’m trying not to let the perfect be the mortal enemy of the good enough, but I’m also not trying to hide behind excuses. I’m not perfect. But I’ll have to do.

Not Perfect Either

But pretty close is pretty Carlos Ponce, here in three rather good quality photos. As usual, for two of them at least, a flick or two of your finger will make him expand. Isn’t that true of most men?

CArlos Ponce with a Cute GoateeCarlos Ponce in a Green ShirtCarlos Ponce in a Blue Shirt Again

Going Going Gone!

It’s amazing with a little tug on a drawstring can do, thinks our mini-obsession Rafael Branciforti. Do you want to give him some help with his pulling? The little pics get bigger if you treat them right.

Pulling on the StringPulling a Bit MoreThey’re Off!

Gone completely

But really, who could be mad for long at a face like this?Could you be angry for long?

You may notice a new header to my blog – we’re going to say goodbye to Carlos and meet our new man. Here’s a clue to his identity – this picture of sexy masculinity made his big name in acting having cable-graphic sex scenes with another man….

I don’t see any problem with sexy masculinity having sex with another man. Do you?

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  1. Karen

    Friday was very nice. It would have been nice to linger longer but I think the staff was ready for us to leave. Your gifts, as always, were great and way-too-generous. J has been bugging me since Friday to go to the mall. I told him I’d try to get him there today since I’m not feeling so sick I want to just stay in the bed under the covers.

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