At Least It’s Over

What a Christmas.

We met at my parents’ house for Christmas Eve.

I found out I was expected to host my aunt and uncle for some sort of ill-defined visit when they come down from Long Island next weekend. Without, I may add, consulting me much. So my aunt, who’s had a frigging stomach bypass and lost tons of weight, and her ham-fisted husband will be visiting C and me for ‘tea’ (and lectures on being heavy) on Sunday. Can I contain my excitement?

Oh, and I’d previously invited my parents over to my house for Christmas Day.

That went off well.

C & I had a much better Boxing Day.

How was your Christmas?

Weary Eyes Turn to Other News

I Think I Do

Well, I’ve not had a chance to watch any of the lovely DVDs I got for Christmas yet, but I did see “I Think I Do” which was marvellous, and “Straight-Jacket” which was quite good. I strongly recommend “I Think I Do” and will probably buy it soon. I also saw “The Last King of Scotland” which I have to say I didn’t really like.

So Nobody Guessed…

…that our new obsession is none other than Mr. Chris “Sex on Legs” Meloni of SVU and Oz fame. This might be a short obsession as unlike the multi-talented Sakis Rouvas and Carlos Ponce, or the all over the place Michael Lewis, there’s not a lot of stuff out there on the man, but what is available is very very nice indeed.

Here’s a good take on the naked babe on the bearskin rug shot…

Christopher Meloni on a bearskin rug

That ought to be enough to get you started…and if it isn’t, here’s the man interviewed by his co-star on The View (it’s a bit long – seven and a half minutes) but a good watch):

Looking at Handsome Men Sometimes Calms me Down

So here’s our mini-obsession, Rafael Branciforti, who I guess felt a bit confined in those infamous tiny tight white speedos, to check out how confined he was and how confined he now isn’t, just stroke him with your pointing thing…


The freedom seems to have overwhelmed him and caused him to take to his bed, inexplicably alone…



But again, who could be angry with such a soulful face?


(Darn those strategically placed hands and shadows!)


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2 responses to “At Least It’s Over

  1. fivehusbands

    Stumbled upon your blog and had to comment on your Christmas experience – I feel for your pain. I would be happy to share my family’s Gold Medal in the Dysfunction Holiday Olympics.

    Also you keep saying C is lovely and wonder why he is with you – I say – you sound perfectly lovely as well.

  2. angloam

    Awwwww that’s so sweet of you to say.

    How bad was your family fun Christmas?

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