Here, with comments, are my resolutions for 2008.

I will eat within my Weight Watchers points on a weekly basis.  Because I need to watch my intake more vigilantly.

I will work out (minimum of 30 minutes’ walk) six days most weeks, and a minimum of five days every week. I will work in the strength training that Neal wants me to do and by the end of February I will be walking 200 minutes a week. I will achieve this by adding 3 minutes a day to my current walking.  This may be tough as the gym fills up with people working on their own resolutions, but I think it’s necessary.

I will devote a minimum of one hour to Georgian three days a week. Browsing through the book doesn’t count.

I will order lunch to be delivered only once a fortnight.  This should help displace my misplaced halo.

I will explore changing jobs. I will post a resume on highlighting my language skills by the end of January, I will contact a career counselor by the end of Feburary, and I will explore advanced courses/correspondence courses to improve my German by the end of January. I can’t keep whining that I’m not happy at work without doing something about it.

I will do the laundry at least once a week. Because it’s not fair to expect C to keep doing it all the time.

I will clean up the kitchen after I cook in it. Because it’s not fair to expect C to keep doing it all the time.

I will organize our vital information by the end of January in the Quicken add-on program. Because things are scattered all over.

I will take a good home inventory by the end of February. Because thing are scattered all over and you never know when you’ll need one.

I will switch my will to add my Godson by the end of March. Because I’d like to see him taken care of, too.

I will make a proper web site on my (and the other one for our family) by the end of March. Because I spent all that money on registering the domain and buying the webspace.

I will increase my knowledge of Dreamweaver by the end of February, and of the rest of the Adobe suite by the end of May. Because we spent so much on the bloody things and they can be very useful.

I will do at least one voluntary activity per month. Don’t know what exactly yet.

I will review these resolutions in three months. But i’ll keep my blog and myself updated periodically.

I will only take one day off a month without very good reason. Because I’d like to save up some vacation time.

Well, what do you think? Too ambitious? Missing things?

Mmmmm Moka

I have to say I’m enjoying making good coffee with the Moka Express I got from my brother and sister-in-law. It’s a very classic aluminum coffee pot in two halves; you put the water in the bottom half, the put the filter unit on top and fill it with the coffee, then you screw on the top. As the water in the sealed bottom cannister on the stove, it builds pressure which forces it through the coffee and up into the top pot. It makes a good quantity of lovely strong espresso. I don’t think it’ll make reliable crema but it’s really neat. If you ever come to visit, I’ll turn out something good for you.

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