Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Not too original but bloody apt…it’s freezing. There’s a nasty wind chilling everything to unbelievable lows. Tomorrow morning will suck big time. Oh well, it’s better than an ice storm. Most of the crew are back at the office today which means less boss-free time. I guess it had to end sometime or other. It didn’t go too badly but as usual I think of things I should do when I’m on my way in, and things I didn’t do when I’m on my way home, but actually at work I tend to blank. Perhaps I should add that to my resolutions.

Speaking of Which…

So far I’ve stayed (just) inside my WW points, which hasn’t been easy, and I haven’t chucked a sickie, but still “haven’t found” a chance to study Georgian. I’ve added the longer-term goals to my longer-term to-do list. I’ll have to study Georgian this weekend. I did add three minutes to my walk today; I also increased the speed from time to time, and the incline. I don’t really have a ‘program’ – I just play around. Moderate eye candy about the place. Don’t you love that smell of sweat soaked rubber that gyms seem to have?

Finally I Watched it

ab2thumb.jpgYes, I finally watched the season ending episode of “Chuck.” It was a bit of a let-down on one level in that the Bryce storyline seemed to be created, got good and then was just dropped. However, from one cliff-hanger to another — it appears that the ‘beta computer model’ of the intersect will ’soon’ be ready and when it is, Casey has orders to ‘take care’ of our man Chuck. Eep! The actor playing Agent Casey, Adam Baldwin, seems to be getting more lines of late, which is nothing but good. You can see the pic of him in his DILFy goodness…and make him get big if you want…I wouldn’t say no to doing so. Also, Morgan seems to be being cleaned and tidiedd up a bit, but I’m scared for when the writers’ strike is over – is “Chuck,” supposedly doing really well in the ratings, going to be dropped or picked up for a second season?

Christopher Meloni on the stairs

Christopher Meloni close up

A few years ago, on HBO, Oz got picked up for a second season, and four more after. Here’s Christopher Meloni (since we’re talking about DILFs), in two screen caps from the show. Click on him to take a closer look. Meanwhile, it’s late so I’ve got to hop in bed with my beloved wonderful understanding and forgiving partner. Oh, and I need your support to avoid huge racks of ribs. Can I count on it?

(I think any time with him in a tight cell would be hard time, don’t you?)


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4 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Karen

    I started biking on Tue. Added 10 minutes on Wed. And walked some on the ‘mill. Still trying to get my speed back up. I made my resolutions on my b’day and so far have mostly stuck to them.

    Quick question – I know what MILF is. Can I assume DILF is the male equivalent?

  2. angloam

    10 minutes! That’s a big jump. Big ups to you.

    Yes, a DILF is exactly what you think. 🙂

  3. Just happened across this looking up dilf in cyberspace (who knew?). Good for you for eating less and exercising more! I am trying to do the same thing. I don’t know that I can ever think of Chris Meloni as sexy again after seeing him in the first Harold and Kumar movie, but he is pretty awesome. Besides, I’m older than you. Kurt Russell would be a dilf for me!

  4. Kurt Russel would be a dilf for me too!

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