Remember me?

There’s no DILFy goodness from Christopher Meloni because, well, I just don’t find him as much fun as the previous obsessions. I don’t know why. Sakis was fun, Carlos was fun, Michael was fun, but Meloni just leaves me flat. I’ll have to find a new obsession. The pictures of him are all either NSFW, which I find prurient in some way, in a non-porn blog, or same-y. At least the other three would pose.

Sorry for the lack of posting. I think the Meloni thing was keeping me away. I have done well at walking – from 39 minutes Monday to 42 last night; I’m adding one, not three, minutes a day. Last night was harder on my knees than I thought it would be. But it’s all good. I hope I can last out the full time tonight as I’m feeling a bit of congestion in my chest.

Owe Georgian a bit of time tonight, and then we have to get ready to host my friend Rob K. and his family (and nanny) on Saturday. I feel a bit pushed about the nanny frankly; I didn’t really invite her and it’s her day off so she won’t be expecting to look after the kids…but to socialise…a complete stranger…somehow the icing’s off the cake a bit.

I will try to blog more tonight. I really think I should blog first thing in the morning as that’s when I’m most prone to interesting thoughts – like ‘urban freeways are inherently classist and demonstrate the power of suburbia to destroy poor people’s neighbourhoods to suit their own needs.’

Wish me luck – I have an interview tomorrow – but don’t wish me too much luck as it’s a job I don’t necessarily want. I don’t know if I want the whole commute back to DC thing again – I like my short-ish, uncomplicated-ish commute.


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2 responses to “Remember me?

  1. Karen

    NSFW = not safe for work?
    42 minutes!?!?! Wow. Did I tell you I’ve challenged myself to keep up with you? I did 35 minutes on the ‘mill last night (plus some bike, weights, etc. to mix it up). Maybe I’ll walk during Celebrity Apprentice tonight – that should keep my pulse up.

  2. angloam

    Well, there’s that ‘plus some bike, etc.’ that means you’re probably doing more than keeping up with me, plus of course I’ve not been since that 42 minutes as I’ve been knocked sideways by this horrible cold thing.

    NSFW = not safe for work, yes.

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