Turned the Corner But Not Home Yet

I feel a little better but still not 100%. I still feel so congested and now I’ve got a nagging headache. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to but I still feel like I can’t breathe. I’m really sick of this.

So that’s shot the exercising up to now, although I do plan to go to the gym tomorrow, if I can breathe well I may even be back to 35 minutes or so. If not, who knows? Oh, and yesterday, I fell over again at work and really banged my foot again – the ‘dreaded metatarsal’ one that acts up on me. Bloody hell. It still hurts.

Georgian’s been neglected – hard to concentrate. My eating’s been okay but while I was down, it was pretty bad. I’ve had so little energy of late. And it may snow today.

Oh, well, can’t always be on an upswing, can we? C’s been so sweet and doing his best and that makes a huge difference. He said the sweetest thing to me – he said that I am part of his very soul. 🙂 I love him so much.

Our New Man

You’ve probably guessed it – our new obsession is none other than Mike Rowe, star of home shopping, real estate infomercials, the Baltimore Opera, and ‘Dirty Jobs‘ on the Discovery Channel. I don’t know but there’s something very sexy about his self-confidence, self-deprecating humor and willingness to get himself covered in pretty much anything, for my entertainment. He jokes but never at anyone else’s expense. He’s willing to be totally incompetent and make an utter mrowe.jpgfool of himself, and be graceful and funny about it. And that’s pretty hot, in my book.

Here’s a rather nice picture of Mr. Rowe, perhaps not the sexiest but WordPress was as slow as a paralytic slug crawling through cold molasses last night being updated to give me 3 Gb of free space – a 60x increase! so the rather sexy one I downloaded wouldn’t load. This will have to do until tonight. I’ll also post some hillarious pictures from his time as a QVC host and one where he cooks in only a protective apron.

(He really a hot dish)


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2 responses to “Turned the Corner But Not Home Yet

  1. darin

    Laying here Healing from Spinal Surgery and looked at ALL your tags with MIKE ROWE. I cant agree with you more HOT HOT HOT
    darin in Pittsburgh

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