A Personal Best

Today I walked the most (43 minutes) that I’ve ever done without Neal. It was okay but I do notice that when I do it after work I have a bit less energy than when on a non-work day. But that’s life. The only real problem was my knee, a bit, afterwards. I’m hoping that that will go away, or at least diminish, as my weight comes down.

Making it a bit easier was listening to The Economist – the subscription C gave me for Christmas includes the ability to download all or part of the magazine. When I’m walking I listen to either that, or a podcast I found called “Fitness Rocks” or sometimes music, on my iPod. Walking around the neighbourhood I’d listen (over and over again) to the album ‘De La Rey’ by Bok Van Blerk. I think translating or trying to from Afrikaans into English would distract me.

Here’s the rather stirring video with English subtitles:

Really Stirring

It’s actually stirred not just emotions but controversies in South Africa; it’s about the old boer hero General Koos De La Rey – the “Lion of the West Transvaal” and how he didn’t quite manage to save the boers from the suffering imposed by the British during the Boer War. It’s struck quite a chord among the white and specifically the Afrikaner section of South Africa, who are feeling increasingly marginalized and irrelevant since the end of apartheid.

The Department of Arts and Culture had to issue a press release sort of not quite saying that some of its popularity was due to people who might take up arms against the democratic government. I guess it’s not nearly as subversive as Jacob Zuma, ANC President, singing “Umshini Wami” – “Bring me my Machine Gun.” It’s been banned from some sports stadiums to avoid “’n ongemaklike situasie vir ons nie-wit toeskouers” (an unpleasant situation for our non-white spectators”). Here he is himself talking about the controversy in an interview for a Sunday paper in South Africa:

Oh, how do I know so much about South Africa? Well, from some very interesting friends I made on the Mail & Guardian‘s forum page, in which I am a great participant when I have time. (You can look for me under the name AngloAm1.) I wish our local paper, the Washington Post, sponsored such an interesting forum. Why I know so much is a different question – would you like the answer? I’m a total comment whore – just click above on “No Comments” (or, I can dream, on “Many Comments”) and ask.

Good At Inseminating

Mike Rowe in a Hot TubDirty Jobs‘s host Mike Rowe as you know does some pretty filthy things such as inseminating various farm animals, but he still manages to look so hot doing it. And of course when he’s all done he has to clean off and relax, like he’s doing here in a hot tub (lucky bubbles!)…sorry it’s so dark but you can click to take a closer look. Now although he’s a perfectly dirty guy, Mr. Rowe’s neither perfect nor above showing us his flubs and outtakes. For your viewing pleasure…

Speaking of Soaping Up

Here’s our mini-obsession man Brazilian model Raphael Laus getting wet and wonderful in his shower for us – what is it with these Brazilian Raphaels? Can anyone get enough?

Raphael Laus in the showerRaphael Laus in the shower

Raphael Laus in the shower

Raphael Laus in the shower

(Thank goodness his plumbing’s working just fine, but wouldn’t you like to check his pipes, just to be sure?)


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4 responses to “A Personal Best

  1. Karen

    43 minute is awesome!!! I have to admit I’ve not walked all week. It’s so cold upstairs (and warm by the fire downstairs) plus I’ve had some health issues this (don’t ask – it’s a girl thing) that make me just want sit under the blankie and nest on the couch. We’ve got a meeting at school tonight but maybe I’ll be up to walking after the meeting.

  2. Karen

    Oops – I meant to say “A 43 minute walk”

  3. angloam

    The gym is the exact opposite of ‘so cold!’ However, when you walk outside drenched and that icy wind hits you – well, all I can say is I’m getting tougher! I still need to really really work on my intake though.

  4. Karen

    I’m trying to work on the “whys” of my intake. I think that if I can figure out the “whys” it will make the “whats” of my intake easier to manager.

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