No! No! I will not put TGIF here

But it is Friday. Today I went to see my licensed clinical social worker, Alan, and we discussed my troubling relationship with food. We seem to think that for me, food meets more than nutritional needs and my ‘homework’ is to write down all the things that it means, and all the needs it meets for me. I know that he finds it interesting that:

  • I describe food as “lovely” – as if it were a person,
  • I often favor supple squashy comforting food,
  • I often imagine food as a soft matress or pillow that I sort of sink into, and
  • I feel that if I don’t eat, the food will never be there again and that I will die.

We’ll have to see what it all might mean. There seem to be definite breast/nurturing issues-very Freudian.

I think it was mainly delved into because of our pizza fest last night. We had a medium pepperoni pizza each and C felt guilty about it. Which didn’t help the mood this morning. However, as usual, our disagreements never last more than an hour.After seeing Alan, I swung by the house and wound up reregistering for an adult site I used to like, which made me feel guilty. That’s two, which is more than recently, but not my ‘historical’ high of three sites. You can contact me for the names and my recommendations/comments, if you like.

Longer Faster Steeper

I guess signing up for it set me up for feeling free of all concerns (or, conversely, was me attempting to deal with having to give up food by starting up another vice/habit!), so I trotted off to the gymnasium, where I didn’t listen to the podcast or The Economist, but watched both a Starsky & Hutch episode (”Snow Storm”) and a video I downloaded from ‘R3ndi3r’ on YouTube. He’s a cute/handsome/hunky South African. Here’s a sample of his rants (don’t click if you have tender ears!):

In any event, because of a biggish break at minute 34, at least 1 minute long, I was able not only to go either faster or up steeper inclines for 51 minutes. I expect that this was because I’d not been to work so was all fresh and stuff, but considering I didn’t go yesterday evening I was still pretty chuffed.

Whatever else you may feel about R3ndi3r (real name: Reynaldo Gouws) and his rants you have to admit they’re heartfelt.

Hearts reside in chests

Mike Rowe on a Beach

Hearts reside in chests, to my preference big and hairy ones. (Chests, that is. I like hairy chests. Hairy hearts may be lethal.) This is my very lame and pathetic segue to introduce today’s picture of our man Mike Rowe. If you click on it, it gets really really big. I think it was taken as part of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. And here’s a video of him playing with his long strong snake…

After all this

After all this I’m still not too tired to go off and see my friends – K/D/J have a lovely alternative to eating in a restaurant for this evening – we’re all meeting at their house. They do go to so much trouble for their friends – we’re so lucky. But our mini-obsession Raphael Laus does look quite tired, or if not tired, at least he’s draped rather prettily on his bed for our viewing delectation…Raphael Laus in bedRaphael Laus in bedRaphael Laus in bed Raphael Laus in bed Raphael Laus in bedRaphael Laus in bed

(You’d forgive him morning breath and bed head, wouldn’t you?)

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