Past the Weak End of the Weekend

What an oddly self-indulgent weekend. Firstly, the visit to K & D’s house for FNC (Friday Night Club) was marvellous – the food was so good and prepared with such love and affection and we all had a great time. I really appreciate how much trouble K & D went to to make us feel welcome and well-fed. I hope that it doesn’t set a precedent as I’m less willing and well-equipped to host but we can see.


Neal arrived Saturday, pretty much just after I woke up, but we had a good session. He seemed pleased with my walking and we did some good strength training, but it’s never enough! Never! The rest of the day was pretty sedentary. We continued watching the disks of the Mary Tyler Moore show from Netflix. C seems to enjoy it as much as I do. When I was younger and watching the show on TV after school, I used to be so envious of Mary Richards – with her perfect life and sunny disposition. I never had a sunny disposition but then nobody around me did, either. She could even be wry. We would just yell and cry.


Sunday I went to the gym and did 45 minutes and it felt great. The gym was so empty.

For the evening, C & I went to my mum and dad’s afterwards for the combined little brother/little brother’s kid (my nephew)’s birthday party. C & I scored a hit with little R’s present; we got him a Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. Both he and my little niece seemed to love it. I was very captivated by how charming my niece was – before now she seemed terrified by C & me but she was all giggles and smiles and she seems to have become very verbal very fast. She’s so adorable. 🙂


Monday at work was a smidge stressful – so many projects are converging on me with very close suspense dates. I don’t know how I’ll manage and the uninvolved uninterested way my boss works doesn’t help. Frankly I see lots of time-crunches that would have been, should have been, totally avoidable. And I don’t like it. Still making an ever better work relationship between me and C and G at work so that takes the edge off it. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to come out to either. I think G yes, but not so sure about C.

After work to the gym. Did 41 minutes in the hot hot dungeon which was gruelling. Came back upstairs to the comparatively freezing main gym and didn’t feel like going home just then. PHG (Pointy Hair Guy), an oddly handsome tall guy was playing basketball, but that wasn’t the reason I stuck around. It was more like two reasons – firstly I found a set to sit on and catch my breath, and second I was unwilling to say I was done with only 41 minutes when the plan was 46. Okay, maybe PHG was a bit of a draw. He’s tall and very very slender, and he has this sensitive melancholic face. Mind you appearances are deceiving; I never see him playing alone, so he’s not lonely. But I’m often drawn to sad, lonely types; before I found C they were the only kind of guy I figured I had a chance with. Desperation makes some people horny.

So anyway I hung about until one of the upstairs treadmills became free and started up again, a bit (a lot!) more slowly but more comfortably than in the furnace below. A crazy idea hit me and I went for it – and did a 22 minutes for a total of 63 for the day. Woohoo! 🙂

Of course now I’m wrecking it with some fat free organic multi-grain pretzels, but I feel so proud of myself. I may or may not go tomorrow; but I won’t be as crazy again until later in the week.

C’s in the media room wiping out our old iMacs and prepping them for sale on craigslist. ‘Scuse the shameless commerce but when the listing goes up if it doesn’t violate WordPress’s terms of use I’ll let you know how to buy one or (preferably) both.

Mike Rowe at the Baysox

It’s the State of the Union

And shrub will be gassing on about his little plans which will, as always, come to naught but tears and misery for all but his favoured few…but we should be a little patriotic. Here’s our handsome Mike Rowe at the local class-AA minor league Bowie Baysox, where he sang the national anthem with his really lovely warm deep baritone voice….

You know it’s authentic from the ‘O!’ He does have a lovely voice, though, to go with his DILFy hotness – here he is from his QVC days. It’s really lovely.

There’s Something About a Boy and his Hose

Just so he doesn’t feel left out, here’s the first of a series of Raphael Laus, playing with his flowing jet of warm water…

Raphael Laus and his hose Raphael Laus and his hose

Raphael Laus and his hose Raphael Laus and his hose

Raphael Laus and his hose

(I guess he doesn’t swallow.)

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