Life is Good!

Life is good, dare I say it?  (Ducking my temptation of fate.) Well, this weekend was.

Work isn’t but I’ll get to that. Or it will get to me.

Friday we had a pretty good meal out with our friends at a Mongolian barbecue. I do like the idea of a Mongolian barbecue because I could put mostly cabbage in my bowl and ate very few actual calories. There was a bit of a kefuffle over one member of the group who needed a ride, but we all had a good time in the end.

Saturday Neal said I’d been doing well on ‘intake’ mainly thanks to C and his encouragement, but…he hadn’t seen the latest data! Oh well. I told him about the blue funk I got into on Wednesday, feeling very sorry for myself and utterly unentitled to go to the gym. It went away but it was pretty devastating all the same. I felt like – who’m I kidding, with my fat pudgy body, how stupid it is of me to think I can go ‘work out’ with all these fit guys. I must emphasize that all this came entirely from within me, that nobody at the gym has actually been anything worse than studiously neutral, and some have been very encouraging. And most of the time, except that one day, I love going. Even if PHG isn’t there.  🙂

Saturday evening C & I went for a lovely dinner with our friends K/D/J. C put in some new memory into their computer and then we went to a local hamburger joint for, well, hamburgers. Yours truly balanced veggie burger discipline with greasy yummy onion rings.

Sunday we did zip zero nada. Well, some of our tax return moneyOgio Bag came in; we always put the bulk of it to ‘good works’ (bills or our vacation fund) and save some for ‘blow money.’ I spent some of my blow money this evening on an Ogio Locker Bag. I found it for twenty percent off on eBags and I hope it gets here soon. I hope it will be easier to use than the bag I’ve currently got. I’m trying not to buy any DVDs as (a) I have so many DVDs I’ve not yet watched and (b) DVDs seem to divide C & me as we have utterly divergent tastes. There are a few books I’ve got my eye on, though.

As requested

As requested by at least one friend and gentle reader, I’ve added a calendar on my sidebar. I hope it’s helpful.

Danger MikeDanger Mike!

Why does he cruelly restrict us from that area?

This warning sign really could go with cooking naked but our man of all talents, Mike Rowe, seems to do well getting cold things hot (and us hotter) in this little clip. He even lifts some of the restrictions on that danger zone…pay no attention to the inhabitant of the Land of Fruit and Nutcases with him…

Speaking of Videos…

Here’s the video of our lovely hose boy Brazilian Model Rafael Laus and the making of his photospread for Terra’s feature ‘The Boy.’

And here he is in the second spread of his lovely self with his warm stream of wetness….


RL Hose 2


(Doesn’t he drip nicely?)



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2 responses to “Life is Good!

  1. KW

    Calendar is very helpful. Thanks

  2. angloam

    Glad you like it. Please comment more more more!

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