Resolutions Review

For those who are deathly interested, here is my progress so far on resolutions…

I will eat within my Weight Watchers points on a weekly basis.
50% success ratio – two weeks within, two weeks over.

I will work out (minimum of 30 minutes’ walk) six days most weeks, and a minimum of five days every week.
I will work in the strength training that Neal wants me to do
Mmmmm no.
By the end of February I will be walking 200 minutes a week.
Adding only 1 minute. I’m a bit blue because I’ve been really doing well on ‘output’ but not so good on ‘intake.’  😦 I’ve not really lost any weight since January, although Neal tells me I’m substituting muscle for fat. 

I will devote a minimum of one hour to Georgian three days a week.
No. Really need to work on this. Any encouragement will be appreciated.

I will order lunch to be delivered only once a fortnight.
Not ordered in but once in January!

I will explore changing jobs. I will post a resume on highlighting my language skills by the end of January
No, but can do this week.

I will explore advanced courses/correspondence courses to improve my German by the end of January.
No, but can do this week.

I will do the laundry at least once a week.
No, because he refuses my offers.

I will clean up the kitchen after I cook in it.
Again, we’ve been sharing this and I think C’s happy.

I will organize our vital information by the end of January in the Quicken add-on program.
No, and I really need to do this soon.

I will do at least one voluntary activity per month.
No, and I may substitute donating cash.

I will only take one day off a month without very good reason.
No, I chucked a sickie a week ago Friday. Hope my boss isn’t reading this.

So not so bad. But not so good. I’m going to be busy playing catch up this next week!

A more conventional eye-candy post is coming!

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  1. Karen

    You are doing great. I’m thinking of doing monthly resolutions – my Feb resolution will be to not fall asleep when I have guests. I was so embarrassed Saturday.

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