Some Good, Some Bad

Some good, some bad is what the last few days have been like.  Wednesday I went to the gym and did 51 minutes.  Thursday I didn’t, however, but enjoyed a casual and odd dinner with C (we grazed off salami sandwiches and snacks and things).  Friday I took the day off to go to my counsellor Alan and to have the 30,000 mile service done on our car.

Friday was a good day for intake, in that I took a heck of a lot in.  So really a bad day for intake. First, C and I had lunch at Plato’s, a local diner, which was actually good, in that I had a really nice omelette with feta cheese and vegetarian sausage. After talking about what food means to me with Alan, which was fairly inconclusive but we did go over how I don’t need to please the restauranteur by ordering a lot (sometimes I feel like I have to avoid disappointing the place or I have to get the waiter/ress to ‘like me’ by ordering a lot of food and a lot of courses).  (Especially if the waiter is cute.) Looked at that way, it’s fairly ridiculous an idea.

For lunch though I went to Gah Rham, an all you can eat Korean buffet, which I used to like but which I now see isn’t worth it – I left the table feeling bloated and sick. I do like Korean food though, and there are better diners. Perhaps it was just the big breakfast.

For dinner the Friday Night Club tried one of my suggestions – the Nautilus diner in Crofton. I thought the food was good, actually, and they certainly have a very extensive menu, which I appreciate. It was, however, very very noisy because the Arundel High School wrestling team were in and seated (when they actually sat down) near us. They were shouting between tables and generally being far too loud, but the manager did shut them up at my request. I don’t think I was the first person to ask for them to be quiet.

This of course meant that I never got to the gym but I did go after Neal on Saturday and did 53 minutes (big ups for me!).  It was lovely actually, only a few other people, very quiet. Just how I like it. I mean if you’re not going to have hotties galore, then it’s better to be just “personably empty.” Called in for Chinese delivery because we were both far to lazy to tackle the salmon with leeks which I’m making tonight. I’ve never cooked a leek before so I’m actually looking forward to it. The salmon is done with a honey and soy marinade so it should be sticky and tangy.

Got my mane shaved and sheared today.

Enough About Food!

In a few (seven) minutes I’ll have to break contact and join in a teleconference which is training for tomorrow’s Equality Maryland Lobby Day. We’re trying to meet with our legislators in Maryland to convince them to support civil marriage equality for all Marylanders. There is a small chance it will pass. I just hope that I will be able to take an hour and a half off work to attend it. If you are a Marylander, please contact your legislator and tell him or her that you support civil marriage equality. I’m lucky that my local three Assemblypersons do but our Senator doesn’t seem to so he’s the one I’ll have to work on.  (Five minutes now.)

I’m actually quite nervous about a lot of things — from where do I park (Annapolis is very crowded) to what am I supposed to say. I want to do a good job (and not be late). I’ll post notes about the training after dinner.


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4 responses to “Some Good, Some Bad

  1. Karen

    We liked the Nautilus. Of course we over-ordered and over-ate but we tend to do that with new places. Next time we go back I definitely have to skip the cheesecake though. I’ve never had a problem with cheesecake, but I really spiked Friday night. Having never seen a number over 300 before it freaked D out a bit, but I got it back in line with some biking before bed.

  2. angloam

    I agree – dessert was over the top there – that slab o’ cake was really too big. I should have listened to C and taken half home, or skipped it for a skinny cappucino or something.

  3. KW

    I don’t know that the cappucino that i had was very “skinny” – though I didn’t think to ask to make it skinny either 😉

  4. angloam

    Was it good though? It looked enormous.

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