Vvotedi (I voted)

I decided to vote for Him, rather than Her. He wants to repeal all of DOMA, not just ‘most’ of it. He doesn’t believe that C and I should get married but neither does She, so that’s not much of a differentiator.

Regarding the earlier post, I can’t figure out what happened to all the stupid paragraph returns. I’ve put them in every way I can think of. Any help, anyone?

Raphael Laus on a runwayHere’s a bribe – Raphael Laus on a runway pushing very tight not quite tall enough lounge pants, I think, looking rather Michael Lewis-ish. Just click and he enlarges for your (and my) viewing pleasure.

Question:  Do you lot mind screencaps? Only I have some good screen caps of Mike Rowe but they’re like him–fuzzy. I might put a few up as we bid him goodbye soon. D’you know, so far, nobody’s been as fun as Sakis Rouvas.

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