The Day is So Fresh

…or it is for now at least. It’s still ‘early’ – not quite mid-morning and I still think I’ll have time to do all the things I want to do today. In a few moments I’m going to start two loaves of bread, which I will leave to ferment while I go work out. It should ferment really nicely because it’s so warm – the weather’s been really crazy. It’s in the mid sixties today but should be much colder by the end of the week. I definitely prefer this to ice storms like last week.

After getting desweated (still not confident enough to do that at the gym!) the plan is to take C out to lunch some place not too greasy and this afternoon I’m sure I’ll find something to do in between tending to the loaves. I do need to finally edit that movie of our day walking the Limberlost Trail and get it on our other website, and I want to do a little shopping at Grant & Cutler, a foreign language book store in London, and I need/really want to do some Georgian and to format a resumé for and I want to back up my purchased songs from iTunes and some videos I’ve downloaded and and and now you know why I never get everything done on my days off!

I miss C. I always do after we spend a weekend together. I miss his presence and the place seems so empty without him. I wish he and I could spend every day together. When he first came into my life, I used to ask for ‘alone time’ but more and more, I don’t want ‘alone time.’ I’m not saying I Mike Rowe’s Great Grindon’t want time to myself, to do what I want to do, but I don’t want him to be far while I’m doing it. I wish he knew how much he means to me. He really is my everything.

Anyway, I’ve just killed ten minutes, so in a few I’m off up to start the bread.  Here’s some Mike Rowe eye candy for you to tide you over until next time…doesn’t he have a great grin? And who, who, who shall be our newest mini-obsession?

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