Well, It Was Fresh

But now it seems more than half-over. And it’s raining. And C’s coming home soon which means my private time is soon over and I’ll have to concentrate on what I ‘ought’ to do rather than what I ‘want’ to do. And worse, I really ought to appear happy about it. I seem to be impossible to please, don’t I?

I hate waking up in the morning, but I do love being up early in the morning, if you get the difference. I hate being apart from C but I also like my privacy, if you understand. If you don’t see either, don’t worry – nobody else does. Including me.

The Staff of Life

The bread’s upstairs having its first rise. I tend to do a modified basic hearth bread from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s book ‘The Bread Bible.’ I use whole wheat germ to add enzymes and taste, plus vital wheat gluten for chewiness, and a mixture of white, white whole wheat, and whole what flours for taste. I always try to ferment it overnight in the refrigerator for good flavour development, but today I was a bit rushed so it sat for a bit as a sponge (half the flour & yeast mixed with all the water) on the counter for a three hour room-temperature ferment. Then I always autolyze it (mix to a shaggy rough dough and leave for twenty minutes) to properly and evenly hydrate the flour. I am a bit concerned, though; this dough seemed very stiff, might have been the vital wheat gluten. Perhaps I put in too much of a good thing. I always use King Arthur flour, I’d prefer not to have to use anything else, as I’ve never had a bad result with them. In the interests of time these loaves may have only one unshaped and one shaped rise, else I’ll be cooking past midnight. Normally I do two unshaped rises but at two hours each rise, that eats up time.

I think break making appeals to me because (a) you can be rough with it and happily label the result ‘rustic’ and (b) because it’s useful baking. Pies are nice, and I always look forward to spring to make C his favourite rhubarb and apple pie but all that fiddling about rolling out the pastry seems a lot of work and mine always tastes okay but looks horrible. I do like my interpretation of a Bakewell tart, though, as I like Bakewell tart, and I did make a recipe for a hazelnut tart with Nutella which was very good too.

One More Resolution Down

I’ve posted my resumé  on monster.com; we’ll have to see. The only jobs in the DC area which asked for German were a bunch of requests for German attorneys, one for a German speaking construction supervisor, and one for a German pre-school teacher. Mal sehen what turns up.

I still have to find and catalog all our emergency records in the Quicken file, find German courses at the Goethe Institut, go through the Dreamweaver book, call the career counsellor that Neal referred me to, and take our insurance home inventory by the 29th. I think I’ll have to slip some of those too. I know it’s far from ideal, but there you are.

Was noch? What else?

Well, not a lot. Dreading the thought of going back to work just to be pulled in a thousand different directions, especially the direction of a project I don’t really know how to do. I can’t, I just can’t work as late next week as I did this past week, no matter what the deadlines are. I just can’t and I won’t, not for an organization that expects me to be flexible but can’t display one iota of the same back.  Maybe it’s the unfairness of the expectations which are ‘allowed’ to go only one direction that gets to me.


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2 responses to “Well, It Was Fresh

  1. Karen

    Your pies are lovely and delicious. Oh, and I totally get the “differences” thing. To me life is all about contrasts and conflicts. I don’t mean disagreements. I mean the “I love to cook” and the “I love to eat out” conflict. Or the “I want to sleep in” but “I love to get things done in the morning.” I think that’s a basic part of who I am or maybe I’m just not so good at making up my mind. 🙂

  2. angloam

    🙂 I have found that I don’t like changes to plans at all, unless I come up with them, then I don’t like insisting on past ideas. I have a great deal of inertia; if I am working on line I want to keep doing it, and if I’m doing something else, the same thing.

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