Tired but Happy

Yes, I’m tired, but happy. I did 54 minutes today, and I wasn’t too sore. My knee did act up a bit and I did take a few breaks (of less than 1 minute), at 30, 40, and 46 minutes, but I’m still pretty proud of myself. PHG was there playing basket ball. (PHG if you remember is the very very tall very very thin guy with the very handsome face that I see playing basketball quite a bit. PHG stands for “Pointy Hair Guy” as his hair above his forehead forms a sharp pointy line. Imagine Anderson Cooper younger and blonder and less pursed-lips looking.) I don’t really think he’s all that good looking, at least not from the torso out, as his arms look almost comically thin but his face is very handsome and I love watching him play – he’s got very flexible ankles and he can turn on a dime. I enjoy seeing him, and the rest of them, really, explode into motion, and then come back to rest.

As I was sitting cooling down I thought of all the times, in Jr. High especially, when I was dragged out to the basketball court and how terrified and imobilized I felt – I was scared I’d get hit by the ball, scared I’d do the wrong move, scared I’d screw up, and so I didn’t. I think maybe schools should assume that some little pupils don’t know how to play the games they’re supposed to. No disrespect to my dad but he never really taught me games, he did play volleyball and softball when we were overseas, but never much with me. I don’t moan alone – he didn’t much with my brother either. And to be fair, after we got back to the states, he didn’t much himself, either.

I do remember one time in class six (sixth grade) – we were in England, at Aspin Park Primary School in Knaresborough – I was once again turfed out to play a friendly match against a visiting school (I Forget Which Primary School). Now Mr. Hume, on whom I had a huge crush, wanted us to show a little school spirit, or some such, and somehow encourage a little encouraging chatter between us APPS kids. We’d never been asked to before, as we’d only ever played against teams made of other school chums in our own little class (grade). Now I didn’t know what to say but I thought I’d try, and so I yelled out something banal like “Come on! Let’s show these idiots how to play!” I got severely told off for being rude and unsportsmanlike. I wanted to say I wasn’t particularly unsportsmanlike, but rather that I wanted to do what I was told to do, but didn’t know how. Malevolence was imputed to me instead of ignorance.

Malevolence is a flaw, ignorance can be taught. Malevolence is global or I globalized it. I think it was ‘ever thus’ in games since, although, to be fair, I never liked them much. Flying balls can hurt – even soccer balls. Going outside in a cold Yorkshire day (for ‘fresh air’ when it was around 40F with a light flying mist) can make you cold and miserable. I just wish somebody had (somebody would?) start me where I am, not where they think I should be and say “here, throw this ball at the basket like this.” “Here, kick this ball like this.” I dunno. I am too out of shape today but who knows about tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find an utter beginners’ team one day. Can you just see it? Probably not though (doom and gloom advance) as people of a certain age already know. Maybe an exotic sport. Jai alai anyone?

Bye Bye Mr. Mike

Yes, we’re switching obsessions; as you can see above there’s a sneak preview of the new one’s lovely eyes. Would you like a hint? Hmmm well, let’s just say this Jagger doesn’t have big puffy lips and a coked-up chicken’s gait. Meanwhile, here’s two lovely shots of Mr. Mike Rowe, in one he’s wrangling a big snake and in the other he’s in bed with a lot of very friendly guys. Lucky snake, lucky them, eh?

Mike Rowe Wrangling a Snake Mike Rowe in bed with another man

And just in case you can’t do without him, here’s one more video of him, in this case a rather long one, of him in the volcanic mud bath. Go get a coffee/beer/soda and enjoy his very warm and friendly brand of self-effacement and great DILFy bod…

Hardly Appropriate but I Can’t Disapprove

I won’t turn Felipe Folgosi in for wearing very inappropriate clothing for an industrial site, will you? He seems to be enjoying his job…

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

0312679500.jpgFelipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Speaking of enjoyable jobs….A very enjoyable job…

In case you’re wondering how hard at work he is, here’s part one of the making-of video One more beer/coffee/tea/moment of privacy….


(Be careful or you may be hard at work too)

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  1. Karen

    Hard at work. . .now that was awfully clever. 🙂

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